Wednesday 13th December, ’17 – Carols and Thanksgiving Service

The service begun with song ministrations from individual members basically thanking God for a successful year and most importantly, a fruitful semester. The organizing committee also ministered a song.

The Local Central Committee (LCC) performed the Christmas Carol, ‘Oh come oh all ye faithful‘ and it was followed by a melodrama performed by Royal Vine Theater (RVT). The drama talked about the birth of Jesus Christ. It was however set in modern times and  due to the usage of words and terminologies such as iPhone, Instagram, twitter, Facebook, slay, babe,  etc. It was an entertaining and educative ministration, which reminded us that,  the greatest gift we can ever receive is Jesus Christ, and He surpasses all other gifts we are can get within this season.

We were all surprised when the executives mounted the stage in their Christmas caps to sing, they ministered some songs,  followed by the Officers,  and the last by King’s praise.

Awards were given to exceptional members of the church who have been doing tremendously well at their various departments, most of which were first years. The service ended with a short worship and prayer.

It was indeed a touch of Christmas and Thanksgiving.

           King’s Praise Ministering

              ’17/’18 Executives Ministering

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