USHERING Committee
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The ushering committee as one of the committees in PENSA-KNUST is an united family. With all joy, we ensure the proper sitting of our members. We are also in charge of taking offertory at service, co-ordinate the orderliness during communion services. We come early to service to ensure all our seats and platforms are neat for every service.
The last is the wonderful way we break bread in all joy and unity. We also have hide outs on certain days in the semester.

The logo of the ushering committee consists of the following symbols with these meanings;

  1. The PENSA logo in a palm – our service to the church of God is done in love
  2. A glowing light around the open palm- our work done in the light of God
  3. The texts “PENSA KNUST USHERING COMMITTEE”- this gives us a firsthand identity of the group we belong to.

The committee, by the grace of God, grows spiritually and in numbers from year to year.
Our arms are ever open to receive everybody into the house of God. With joy we welcome visitors and our speakers into the Church. The joy with which we work, often leave important marks in the life of the people as we shake hands and impart their lives. All ushers are always happy with smites on our faces, hence our slogan; “With all joy we serve in the house of the Lord”.