Ecclesiology Conference (Day Two) -“Question and Answers” with Apostle David Nyansah Hayfron.

Q1. Is the Church of Pentecost a New Testament church?

Ans. For a church to be classified as a new testament church we outlined certain criteria and based on these criterias, the church was considered  a new testament  church.For we can all bear witness that the church of Pentecost:

  • Proclaims Christ.
  • Enjoys communion from the various scholarship and welfare packages it has available as well various social programmes and conferences organised internationally, nationally and in the various areas and districts.
  • Teaches the ways of Christ
  • Encourages service to Christ or to others through the spirit of volunteerism and love for the work of God without any form of remuneration.
  • With regards to miracles, they occur day in day out in our locals with numerous testimonies.
  • Worship is dynamic and spirit-led.
  • Is a militant church, its youth wing embarks on village crusades and other evangelical programs.
  • As a multiplier, our increase in numbers is

In summary, the Church of Pentecost is not a perfect church but we are on the right path. There is more work to be done. Overall in percentage, we are about 84% a new testament church.

Q2. What is the place of denominations in the body of Christ?

Denominalisation in the church is a splitting rock which keeps on splitting into smaller parts due to doctrinal misunderstandings or differences in doctrine. It first occurred in 1034 AD or CE as a result of Pope Nicholas autocratically adding a clause “The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and from the Son” by St. Augustine to the Nicene Creed. This brought about the eastern and western divide. Some centuries later the western church drew away  from the teachings of Christ. This compelled Martin Luther  to write 96 page thesis and was of the view that Christianity was:

  • Through faith alone
  • Through scripture alone

This brought further divisions in the church. Fast forward to the twentieth century, a missionary from the apostolic church to Ghana fell ill and was treated with herbal medicine which was in contravention with the doctrines of the Apostolic church thus, he was sacked. The missionary established the Church of Pentecost.

In hindsight, churches have seen that certain issues that caused them to split were trivial issues. God in his own way, is uniting various denominations together.

Q3. What church is referred to in our theme, “I Will Build My Church”?

The church as a collection of individuals or people who have placed their faith in Christ.

Q4. What is the difference between religion and the church?

The church is the body and what we do is termed the religion.

Q5. What is the difference between the local church and the universal church, the visible church and the invisible church?

The local church consists of all church members, however the universal church consist of the true church or Christians. The visible church is the                         summation of all the local churches. On the other hand, the invisible church consist of the true church both the living (the church militant) and the dead (church triumphant).

Q6. Is Moses and the other old testament saints part of the church triumphant?

There are two theological points of view:

  • Jesus has control of the hades. There are two parts of hades, the upper (paradise) and the lower (hell) and Christ transported from hades. Ephesians 6
  • The next position is that it is a New Testament dispensation thus after the millennium they will then be resurrected.

Q7. What are the fivefold ministries and are they in order of importance?

They are not a hierarchy but they are different graces for various offices. They are meant to be a gift to the church.

Q8. How has the church impacted your spiritual life?

Spiritually, the church has built me up to what i am now and exposed me to certain things that enabled me gain certain characters and skills.

Q9. What is your take on the youth of the church drawing inspiration from other ministers that are not from the Pentecost and some of the teachings are contradictory to the teaching of our church?

The Church of Pentecost is not anti outsiders, thus, the church has joined groups like GPCC. My personal advise is to check the doctrine position of the                            preacher, his church and whether his teachings are based on Christ.

Q10. Why full time ministry?
I had plans of becoming an academician, setup a pharmacy, a hospital and a campus ministry but there came a time where the calling was so evident and strong.

Q11. Any sweet remark about PENSA KNUST?
KNUST is the best PENSA historically, PENSA KNUST has blessed the church more than any youth group.


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