Three-Day Revival Service (Revival Day One) – ”The Anointing Within” by Elder Phillip Otchere Darko

The stormy weather of Wednesday the 12th of September 2018 could not keep the message of Elder Phillip Otchere Darko from actualising at the Queens hall dining hall during the first day of this semester’s revival dubbed, “The Anointing Within.”

He started the sermon with the creation story and the decision of the heavens to create man in the image and likeness of God. He explained that, when God breathed into man, man became composed of a soul, body and spirit and that this spirit was fused with the spirit of God. The soul of man is that part with appetitive desires; and the spirit and soul makes up the inner man. The great connection between man and God was broken when man ate the forbidden fruit. This great connection was however restored through Jesus Christ. The first step of reconciliation is accepting Christ as one’s Lord and Saviour, the speaker mentioned.

The well that dwells in us is the well spring of everlasting life [John 4:7-14]. The acceptance of Christ creates a well of anointing in the believer and the activation of the Holy Spirit causes this well to becoming a flowing living water. John 16:13 says that the Spirit of God is the anointing within us, therefore believers are mobile carriers of living water and must quench the thirst of those around. This anointing has also become our personal teacher[ 1 John 2:20 and 27].

The second level of the anointing is the flowing level.This is the second experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, [John 7: 37-39]. The well inside of you springs because it does not want to be stagnant, it has to flow. “The anointing must be put to work so that its power is always potent”, the speaker said. The Spirit of God comes with power and giftings and speaking sporadically in tongues is not growth.  “Desire not to be an empty Christian who only communicates with the Holy Spirit for material needs”, the speaker continued. Be completely filled and occupied with the Holy Spirit.

[Ephesians 5:18.]


  • Separate yourself unto God; move away from any lifestyle that grieves the Spirit in you.
  • Thirst and desire for the Spirit of God; people are curious as towhy the revival of our fathers is not manifesting in our times. It’s because those great people of times past desired greatly for the Spirit of God.
  • Tarry and wait in prayer; prayer is able to move the hand of God, arrest any spirit that is not of God and fortifies you. It becomes a channel of communication between you and God.

Put the anointing to work and let the great deposits in you manifest bountifully. God bless you.


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