Sunday Service (Revival Week, Climax) -“Endued With Power” by Apostle Nana Yaw Adjei

 Reference Scriptures: Judges 14:1-6. Psalm 100:4, Proverbs 27:17, Proverbs 14:22 and Psalm 23

Samson in the Bible was a hero and a House Hold name. He was a man whose parents had an angelic visitation before he was born. His exploits were scattered abroad and wide in the Bible. Samson looked ordinary and weak but he was supernaturally endowed, the man of God explained.He thus asserted that the depiction of Samson in popular culture as a strong muscled marvel character is Biblically wrong. People who really carry the unction and power of God looked ordinary. Jesus who was to save the world was not wearing a cape and a superhero suit. Functions are not in titles but in mantles, the man of God proposed.

Timnath from the book of Judges means an assigned portion( a place Joshua was buried, a place of ransacking wealth). Samson desired to marry from the enemy’s camp but his parents did not know that it was the will of God to show forth his power. The man of God advised the church of God to be careful of unguarded desires. The only way to sustain the oil we have received from the Lord is to check the “temperature” of our friends, , Apostle Nana Yaw advised.( pregnant Mary moved with pregnant Elizabeth)

The man of God told  the church that the will of God may not be to our taste but it still remains the will of God. The same will of God allowed Jesus to choose 12 of which one betrayed him, the same will caused Him to Him to give up His life to save the entire world. The same will made Jesus fast for 30 days, and after the devil came to tempt Him.

Proverbs 24:10 says that “if you faint in the time of adversity, your faith is small”. It is pressure that made Hannah pray, the pressure from her rival. When we meet the lions in life, may the lion of the tribe of Judah strengthen us, the man of God prayed. An average lion weighs 240kg, it can eat 60 to 80 kg at a sitting. The young lion met Samson, but the spirit of the lord came upon Samson. It was that day that the ministry of Samson was birthed.

He did not know he could kill lions till he found a lion. GOD uses simple things to do complex things. He did not use engineers to part the red sea but the mantle of Moses. God who brought salvation to the whole used the carpenter’s son. Avail yourself to be used by God.

God bless His word.


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