Sunday Service (Handing Over) -“Fan Your Fire For Missions To Build The Church And Possess The Nations” by Aps. Samuel Antwi

Matthew 5;13-16, 2 Timothy 1:6 were some of the topics that were studied on the day.The purpose of the church is to bring missions to the world. We are missionaries on earth. (Acts 1:8). Where ever we are, we need to impact generations, the man of God preached. Again, the man of God explained to the body of Christ the meaning of missions.

Been sent or delegated by an authority with the purpose of transacting business. There are two forms; domestic missions and foreign missions.

Genesis 45:5-8(The man Joseph).

Joseph tells his brothers that their evil intentions brought salvation to his brothers and to the Egyptians. This reveals to us domestic and foreign missions.

Esther 4:14

Esther was called to serve her people, the Jews.(Domestic Missions)

To possess the nations, we need to first possess our home. Wherever we find ourselves, we must know that we are missionaries sent forth to possess and save this corrupt and dark world. The church is mandated to be the light and salt of the earth. No salt is needed in heaven. Salt is used to remove corruption and there is no corruption in heaven. Whether in the rural or urban cities, the world is subjected to decay and corruption. The only solution is for the church to play its missionary role, he asserted.  The darkness of the world needs light and the decay of the world needs salt. Either you are light or darkness, there is no grey area. If the church fails to play its missionary role, it becomes any ordinary organization. Believers are not sugar of the world. Sugar is for sweetening and it attracts ants which will destroy the church. With salt and light, many are attracted to the beauty in the church and not the sugar coated messages.

Ezekiel 43:24, Ezra 6:9, Psalm 51:10 and 11, 1 Thessalonians 5:19.

For the believer to be an acceptable offering to God, he or she needs to be salt. As believers, we should not quench the Pentecostal fire of salt and light in us.

Wherever there is salt and light, there is irresistible attraction.

May God Bless His Word!!!.

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