Sunday Service (GLC Week Climax) – “I Am More Precious Than These” by Mrs. Abigail Acquah

Scripture References: Proverbs 31:10, 1 Peter 2:10 and 1 Peter 1:18-19

With all enthusiasm, the minister commenced by saying that “a woman in the eyes of God is precious and more expensive than gold”. She added that, we cannot possess something that was never ours, and it is difficult to maintain such things. Likewise it is not an easy task to possess the world unless we have a new mindset. Women of today are struggling to find their worth and to reach their full potential. While there are many factors influencing them, chief among them is the idea of feminism. She advised that, feminism is good, albeit women should not let it sway them from the call of God.

The minister stressed on some of the factors influencing the worth and identity of women. She said that technology, clothes, make-up and the likes are good because they have contributed to making society better and life much more comfortable. Nevertheless, how we use these things and the purpose for which we use them is what counts; they should not be our priorities in life neither should they define our purpose in life.

The speaker, Mrs. Abigail Acquah in her efforts to empower women propounded that, the worth of a woman is laid in God’s image and not in the image of man or a thing. This is revealed in the purpose of a woman after she was created by God; her purpose to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion. She hammered on the idea of dominion by saying without mincing words that “men do not have dominion over women nor women over men but to have dominion over the things that God created”.

The minister put the worth of a woman in perspective when she emphasized that the worth of a woman lies also in a physiological make-up and how God has fashioned her. She reminded the women of PENSA-KNUST that their worth is embedded in the rights they have as children of God who possess all of the qualities of God such as patience, love, endurance, meekness and the likes. She added that the woman is unique and her worth should not be measured by cars, beauty, jewels, experiences, educational background, etc. She admonished the church not to let their actions be directed by perishable things rather focus on eternal things as our actions must be geared towards expanding God’s kingdom.

Importance of Knowing Your Worth

The minister continued by shedding some light on the need for knowing your worth as a woman.

  • Knowing your worth defines the actions we have to take in our lives. It specifies what we have to do and what not to do. It defines our purpose.
  • Knowing your worth assures you that you are indispensable and irreplaceable. Although, women are classified as the weaker vessel, they are made strong through Christ.
  • Knowing your worth reminds you of the fact that your body is the temple of God. Though, they are sexually attractive, they are in no way sex objects.

Knowing your worth means knowing you’re a royal. This is because women also come from the loins of God who is the King of kings.

Outcomes of Knowing Your Worth

She further continued by sharing with the body of Christ some of the results of knowing our worth.

  • You are empowered when you know your worth. It changes how you act and react.
  • Women are provided with a positional security knowing her worth is in Christ as an equally important creation. The woman is not an after-thought but a predestined creation.
  • Women learn to be submissive help-mates for the man and the world at large. Thus if a man devalues the uniqueness and importance of a woman It is like neglecting the Holy Spirit who is also our helper.

The minister, Mrs. Abigail Acquah having said all the above also mentioned that the woman has a character which contributes further to her uniqueness. She cited examples of women such as Deborah, Ruth, Mary, Esther, the mother of Moses, Hannah, Rahab among other women who threaded places where men dreaded. They succeeded where men failed because of their character. Some of these character traits are:

  • Women are intelligent. While men see broad categories, women pay attention to the finest details.
  • Women are bold as lions and courageous as eagles.
  • They are also multi-tasked
  • Their power lies in their speech and therefore women should be mindful of what they say
  • Emotional stability
  • Influential power

In her concluding remarks, the minster reminded women and the church at large of our worth as ministers in Christ who have been empowered to teach and preach the gospel and heal as well. Thus we must note our duty to pray for ourselves, families, nation and for our fellow Christians. Moreover, we must learn to be our own prophets, speaking into situations for a change. She also cautioned women to flee fornication and lead chaste lives as they are the light and salt of the world who dispel darkness and preserve the rest of the world from further corruption and decay.

She finally concluded by saying that above all, we should remember that God has a purpose for our lives. Therefore we need to be productive and it is not just in marriage and in child bearing but in every stage of our lives. God has a purpose for us at every stage and we need to be fruitful and as well reflect the character and charisma of God.


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