Sunday Service(Fundraising Launch) -“The Faithful God” by Elder Bernard Bempong Amoah

Text: Deuteronomy 7:9, Lamentations 3:23.

We came to an understanding that the key to knowledge is reading. Wisdom comes from the fear of God. Humility brings about upliftment. Prosperity comes from giving. Poverty comes by being stingy.

Levi paid tithes because he was in the loins of Abraham. This is to say that when we give,  even our unborn children have given and they shall enjoy the blessings you will gain. Anytime a sacrifice is made,  a divinity responds.

Glory to Jesus! The service was a glorious one. The manna of God falls everyday and this manna of which we eat is the Lord Jesus Christ.Eyes haven’t t seen or ears heard,  what God intends to do for His people.

In the time of Noah, God gave a sign. Do you know the meaning of rainbows.  They signify perfection and from Genesis to Revelation,  we see this rainbow.

Great is the faithfulness of God and He shall be Faithful even to a thousand generations after you.


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