Sunday Service – “Treasures In Earthen Vessels” by Apostle S.O Asante

Shakespeare tells us that, ” All the world’s a stage and all men and women are merely players.” Shakespeare’s stance seems to be one that maintains that we have no personal autonomy over the situations that infiltrate our daily lives. Apostle S.O Asante‘s opening comments at PENSA KNUST however seemed to take a detour from this widely used saying. The Area Head of Tafo in his encouraging introductory message to continuing students and most importantly freshmen of PENSA KNUST, pictured KNUST as the whole world, where good and evil share a plate. Challenges and obstacles may seem insurmountable to the Christian, but a determined Christian can run through with the needed grace. And so, we not only remain mere actors, with scripts handed down to us. But playwrights, creating our own plots and deciding which characters we allow unto our stage.

The service saw the delivery of two messages. TREASURES IN EARTHEN VESSELS was the first message under consideration. The Bible reference was from 2 Corinthians 4:5-7

Treasures, according to our speaker are good deposits that God plants in us after we come to Him. We most of the time protect ever so delightfully, our human treasure. We are however being made aware of a heavenly treasure deposited in us by the help of the Holy Spirit. A cliché in popular culture is the idea that sometimes a material’s value is not seen until it is lost. The speaker drew attention to the fact that Christians today are yet to realize the potency of that which has been placed in them. There is a somewhat nonchalant attitude of believers to the things of God and to His work, the speaker asserted. It is easy to manipulate a Christian today because we do not know the God who lives in us. If we know who we are and the power and life of God in us, we will not be manipulated. For our God is not limited.

 The message from here on established the deposits in us as Christians and they are as follows;

  • The God Head: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. (Job 22:25, John 14:23, John 14:15-17).

The speaker asserted that, God is the greatest treasure we can ever possess. We thus, ought not to look down on ourselves.

  • The Knowledge of God and His wisdom. (Colossians 2:2-3, Philippians 3:8).

God living in us affords us the opportunity to know His will and who He is. Not a lot are privileged with this opportunity.

  • The Word of God. (Job 23:12).

The speaker addressed the difficulty most people face in being students of the word. The word of God however has so much hidden treasure and as such, meticulous study is encouraged.

  • The Gospel we have received. (2 Corinthians 4:5-7).
  • (Isaiah 33:6)

We are encouraged not to play with our salvation because it is a great treasure we have received.

  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • The Fruits of the Holy Spirit
  • The Fear of the Lord.
  • The Kingdom of God. (Matthew 13:44-46).

The second topic under consideration was the FRUITS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. The speaker noted that, the fruits of the spirit referred to Christ-like virtue that the Holy spirit bears in the life of a believer. Galatians 5:22-27 was the reference scripture. Once we allow the spirit of God to give birth to the nature of Jesus Christ within us, we become what God wants us to be. It is only then, that the treasure that God has deposited in us begins to shine. When we become children of God, the old goes and the new comes.

The Speaker in his closing remarks encouraged the people of God to find something to do in the house of God. He encouraged a proactive approach to the things of God. Impact may not be felt readily, but would be felt nonetheless, in times we may be least expectant.

May God bless His Word!!!

[Written by the Excerpt Crew of the Editorial Committee]

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