The first communion service for the year and semester saw a ministration by Pastor Stephen Sarpong on the theme ‘The Lord’s Supper‘.

With scripture references to Luke 22:19 and 1 Corinthians 11:22-34, Pastor Sarpong highlighted on the following:

– The Passover is an old covenant but the Lord’s supper is a new covenant to remember the deliverance Christ made on the cross.

– The Lord’s supper was instituted by Jesus Christ.

– Believers full of fellowship with the Lord qualify to partake in the Lord’s supper.

Importance of Partaking in The Lord’s Supper

-It’s a period meant to remember the death of Christ.

– We proclaim the Lord’s death.

– It puts us into focus the deity of Christ.

– To focus on the second coming of Christ.

-The power in the blood is made manifest.

Before partaking in the Lord’s supper, proper self examination should be made.

-Ask for forgiveness if you realize you’re not worthy of partaking.

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