Sunday Service – “The Crucified One” – “The Journey To The Cross” by Pastor Anthony Mensah

Glorification, the man of God said, is connected to the cross and that  no one can see God if He doesn’t take up his cross. The giving of the Spirit was connected to the crucifixion,resurrection and ascension of Christ.

The poking of the  side of Jesus when He died was an action that led to the birth of the new church, in that when He was poked, water and blood came out ( which is evident during labour and childbirth). The devil thought he had won the battle against Jesus, little did he know that he had unleashed something that is greater than all,the Spirit of God.


1.Why was He on the cross?

2.Why would the saviour be subjected to such disgrace?

3.Why did he have to be hanged? What was He proving by being hanged?


He delved into the conception and origin of Jesus, letting us understand that the origin of Jesus is different from His conception. The word voluntarily became flesh to ensure the redemption of man.

Jesus has always been active since the start of time and never passive.  The body of Jesus,the speaker mentioned was made up of the inherent and the created body.

He went on further to use Mendel’s law to explain the diety of Jesus. It claims that “ there is no attribute in the parent that can’t be found in the child”, for Jesus to be fully man and fully God, there was the need for a diety to meet with man.  Therefore the Spirit of God + the woman Mary= God man (Jesus).

Jesus was known to be sinless from birth because His father(the Spirit) was never sinful. And so, even if Mary was sinful it didn’t affect Jesus. Even after Eve ate the fruit it was not counted to all humanity as sin, but after Adam ate the fruit, the whole world was seen to be sinful. Therefore the original sin of man was connected to Adam and not to Eve.

Before man is inaugurated into the family of God(righteousness) there is the need for excruciating pain, because man had to kill the flesh. Since Jesus was made up of  the inherent and created life, a destruction of the created life brings forth the inherent life.

Jesus suffered great pain and stress at Gethsemane when He was speaking to His father to take the cup from Him to the extent that He cried bloody tears. In the end however He gave way for the will of to be fulfilled. He bore hell in His body when He was hanged on the cross.

When he was nailed in his palms and feet, heat flowed from His palms and feet to His chest.This the preacher explained as Jesus bearing hell in His body to prevent us from facing hell fire.

On the cross He had a death grip which He uses to hold us tightly that no one can pluck us out of His grip. Even on the cross He was still protecting us.

He concluded by emphasizing  the point that every believer must come to a place of Ziklag a place of excruciating pain and surrender the flesh so that the inherent life of Jesus which was shared to us will be revealed… Amen


Scripture: Galatians2:20-21,   John.10:27-30,   John53:4-5,   John6:63,

John1:1,     John7:37-39,  John19:34-35


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