Sunday Service – “Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones” by Ps. Stephen Nsiah

The 17th of February was another blessed day as the congregants of PENSA KNUST met at the Africa Hall Dining Hall to receive a word ministration from Pastor Stephen Nsiah on the topic, “Stumbling blocks and Stepping Stones”. It was a much anticipated topic as most often believers and unbelievers in one way or the other point accusatory fingers at things, persons and certain actions and categorize them as stumbling blocks to their Christian faith. It was therefore not surprising the number of people who were present even though it was a concurrent service.

The man of God described STUMBLING BLOCKS as anything, action, activity etc. which impedes movement and causes one to trip which can lead to a fall

Again, he said a STEPPING STONE is anything which serves as a catapult in our life and propels us into the next level of our Christian journey.

The speaker started by making us understand that the one thing which serves as a stumbling block for someone can at the same time serve as a stepping stone for another.

From the main text read, we came to the understanding that nothing done with a clean mindset is wrong, but if what is being done will cause a few who are weak in the Spirit to question their faith then it will be better not to do it. Not because you believe it is unclean but because you don’t want your brother who is weaker in faith to fall from his faith. He said that our Christian walk is a walk of love and love seeks the best interest of all therefore if our primary concern is for others and not ourselves then we are living the love life.

Stumbling blocks can be caused by others (the clothes they wear to church, how they live their lives in the house, their relationship with others etc.) This can sometimes cause someone who is weaker in the Spirit to fall in faith. These same things can also cause someone who Is strong in the Spirit to cause a massive change which can be of use to all.

Stumbling blocks can also be caused by ourselves and by our own actions (lack of communication with God, poor understanding of His word), the man of God asserted.

To be able to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, we must grow unto maturity so that petty things  don’t draw us from the faith but rather moves us into more understanding of our Christian walk.


Phones, Television, social media, friends and associates, video games, difficult situations, success, prosperity and fear.

BIBLE VERSES: Matthew 16:5-12, 1st Corinthians 8:9-13, Isaiah 57: 140 ,Philippians 3:15-19,Romans 14:13 


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