Sunday Service (Revival Week Climax)- “Fire Shut Up In My Bones” by Pastor Joshua Ennin

It was the last day of the revival and God was in the process of going about His revival business on 21st of January, 2018. Service took place at the Africa Hall Dining Hall, in what was a communion service.

The church was honored to be ministered unto by Pastor Joshua Ennin on the Topic; ‘’Fire Shut Up in My Bones’’, which happened to be the theme for the whole revival week. The minister for the morning started by giving out a Scripture Matthew 3:11 and 12 from which he made a point that this fire we are talking about is unquenchable, thus as Jesus came to baptize with the Holy Ghost and fire we are being baptized with an unquenchable liquid fire.

Pastor, moved on to characterize and explain the role of fire in the life of a believer. Here he said that:

  1. Fire generates heat which refines, purifies and protects. He also talked about it generating light which gives insight, revelation and direction. But then he established another point by saying, Fire can stand for judgement, since our God is a consuming fire. (Hebrews 12:29). Moving on from here, He said that God loves fire and likes to identify Himself with it for the following reasons:
  2. a) Fire is captivating
  3. b) Fire is attractive.
  4. c) Fire is dazzling.
  5. d) Fire also depicts the powerful nature of God. It announces God’s power.

Adding to this he went on to teach the congregation why this fire should be shut up in us;

  1. Fire does not conform to its environment but rather makes you an agent of transformation.
  2. Fire also appropriately arrest men for the kingdom because of its attractive and captivating nature. This fire also makes men die to self to look away from themselves unto God.
  3. Fire convicts: This melts down any resistance that hinders the power of God from manifesting in your life. Here he made a point that Love is also fire. In Romans 5:5, he said that, the person of the Holy Spirit who is God has put the love of God in our hearts and when this love grows and finds expression it is like fire shut up in your bones.
  4. Fire releases the aroma of the good deposits in us: It is only the fire of God that can bring out whatever gifts and good things God has placed in you. Here he made mention of the pentecostal fire and urged the church to fan into flames that fire, which has already being shut up in us.

In the latter part of the sermon, Pastor Joshua Anim, encouraged the church to offer their bodies as a living sacrifice as Apostle Paul made mention of in Romans 12:1-2.  In conclusion he talked about the essence and role of sacrifice in manifesting the fire.

He established that when there is no sacrifice, there is no fire. He made this analogy by comparing it to the sacrifice of Elijah when he encountered the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. This sacrifice he said pleased God therefore God could not withhold but by bringing down the fire to consume the sacrifice.

Indeed, it was a great time, in the presence of God, being the last day of the revival week. The fire of God was shut up in our bones and it set the pace for all present to take the world by storm for Christ.



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