Sunday Service – “Repentance, Regeneration, Justification and Sanctification” by Aps. F.K. Andoh

Are you saved? Do you have a testimony about your salvation? Pensa Knust was blessed to be ministered onto by Apostle F. K. Andoh on the theme Repentance, Regeneration, Justification and Sanctification on 11th February, 2018 which was a communion service. Our bible reference was from Luke 23:39-43

He began his sermon, advising the church to remain in Christ and his basic message because the devil is infiltrating the world with false doctrines. We must open our eyes to see the truth, that is the bible, the one true God, the saviour, and repentance, and maintain the basic teachings of Christ.

He further progressed by speaking on Salvation. Expounding that salvation and repentance go hand in hand. Salvation has its components and aspects and expresses itself in 15 words. Conversion, Initiation, Substitution, Reconciliation, Redemption, Regeneration, Adoption, Glorification, Origination, Preservation, Justification, Reformation, Remission. They work simontaneously. Any person who claims to have been saved with have all the elements. Salvation is not education where you have acquired knowledge of everything or something. It is not churchmanship or living by golden rules. People must see Christ in you and have something good to say about God. He made reference to Paul and how people glorified God because they saw goodness in Paul.

Salvation is always based on three things. That is the blood, a person and grace. It has the power to overcome and out-do. The willingness and ability of Christ to save us, makes him more than qualified to do so.

He also talked about Repentance. Saying that conversion has two sides. Repentance; turning away from sin  and faith; turning to Christ. Your attention is diverted to another place. Reformation,  Remorse and Penitence are evident.

Repentance is a voluntary genuine change of the mind that is when someone changes his mind voluntarily and sincerely to turn away from sin. The only unpardonable sin is the sin of speaking against or condemning the holy spirit. Repentance is important if we want to have a relationship with God.

Why is repentance necessary.

It is impossible to see God without repentance. The saint is sanctified by faith.

From the main bible reference, he highlighted on the story of the two criminals who were hanged with Jesus on the cross. One rebuked Jesus. He did not acknowledge his sin. The second criminal acknowledged Jesus, his sonship and his righteousness. He acknowledged that Jesus is Lord and the saviour. He demonstrated greater faith and became the first to be with Christ. This account shows that salvation is a available to anyone at anytime and that salvation is without works.

Regeneration; the process that God through rebirth impacts the believing sinner with a new nature. It is necessary because of the corruption of human nature. The means of regeneration are the word of God, man of God, the holy spirit. We get to love God and other people, our enemies, souls and also prayer  through regeneration. This was evident in the relationship between Jesus and his disciples.


He further elaborated on justification by making similar our justification with Christ to that of what happens in that of the courtroom.

We are charged with the high treason against the creator of the universe. The presiding judge is God. The jury is God versus the deeds of mankind. The verdict is mankind being declared guilty and the sentence being pronounced spiritually dead. Through Remission, we are restored and imputed with righteousness.

Talking about the last stem, that is Sanctification, he said that there are two parts. Instant Sanctification and progressive Sanctification. Instant sanctification is when Christ comes to live in you right after salvation but progressive Sanctification is the gradual need to maintain that relationship.

Ending his sermon, he urged the church to live as people who have had an encounter with Christ. And to walk out of the holy courtroom as people sanctified.

God bless his word.


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