Sunday Service – PENSA GHANA DAY

Members having their bible study meeting before the PENSA GHANA Conference

Students gathered together this Sunday to worship and praise the Lord and hear from Him through a time of bible studies and the celebration of the PENSA Ghana Day.

Remember this while on the way,

You must be holy unto the Lord

Remember in all your ways,

You must be holy unto the lord…

These were the words of the song we sang as the congregation broke into groups for a bible study on a very important aspect of the Christian life; Holiness. With the main text taken from 1 Peter 1:14-16 and memory verse 1 Peter 1:16, we were enlightened about Holiness.

Holiness is the nature of God and as children of God we are called to live a holy life. Even though the sinner is made holy at the point of his new birth holiness is a lifelong process of living a life of consecration unto God and putting to death the misdeeds of the flesh. We are to pursue holiness as obedient children obeying the call of our Holy Father.

It is important to live holy lives because without holiness no one will see God (Heb 12:14b). We concluded by knowing that even in our generation of many hindrances around us it is very possible to live holy lives through the study and practice of the Word of God.


After the refreshing time of bible studies and in view of the PENSA Ghana Day celebrations the speaker for the day was the PENSA Ghana coordinator Elder Emmanuel A. Manu, who spoke on the topic: Celebrating the Lord’s Faithfulness with a text from Psalm 145: 4-7. He highlighted facts about the history of PENSA, where PENSA had presently gotten to, the future of PENSA Ghana and a peace campaign.

He stated that it was very important for people to know and keep records of their history and where God has brought them from if they want to progress in life.

After this word of advice, he continued with the history of PENSA Ghana.

It began in the 1970s, the church realised that it was a church for the unschooled and students were finding it difficult to be accepted in the classical Pentecostal church.

This led to the formation of small groups in schools with notable leaders such as Apostle J. C. Quaye and Apostle A.T. Nartey.

In 1976, the Legon Pentecostal Union was formed at the University of Ghana, Legon with the aim of making it a national group for all Pentecostal students.

In 1978, the Pentecost Students Association (Later known as associates) was formed on the KNUST Campus.

On 23rd August 1980, PENSA Ghana was born.

Conferences were held every 2 years but with increasing patronage of students, the conferences were held every year on different campuses till it was finally moved to the Pentecost Convention Centre.

Presently, PENSA is the active wing of the youth ministry with core values including humility, respect for authority, responsible behaviour, holiness and accountability. PENSA is also grounded on core practices that involve evangelism, devotions, prayer life and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Elder also gave some updates on the PENSA Ghana conference and the change of date to July 2017 instead of January 2017. He also stated that PENSA is planning to embark on outreaches to prisons and orphanages and at the national level is aiding in the peace campaign.

In His campaign for peace he made it known that Christians were the true agents of peace and we are not meant to make only spiritual impact but on this earth we must be agents of change and peace.

He concluded by saying that we must hold on to equipment that will build up the church by getting involved but also hold on to a weapon of protection to protect and guard the church like the Israelites in Nehemiah 4:17-18.

May God help us to be Agents of Change…

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