Sunday Service – “No Salvation Besides Jesus (Acts 4:12)” (Evangelism Week)

The body of Christ – PENSA, KNUST in their quest to walk in God’s will – the theme for the academic and spiritual year, the week was earmarked as Evangelism week where members started that week with prayers and teachings on evangelism to equip members not only for a three-day event but also for the life-time task that was ahead of them.

Thus, as today marked the resurrection day of the Easter celebration and a climax of the Evangelism week for PENSA KNUST, the church heeded to the great commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who commanded all believers to go out and preach the gospel to the world (Mark 16:15). The church was divided into five (5) groups where each group was given a Traditional Hall of residence to go preach to the affiliates there. The Halls were namely; Africa, Independence, University, Queens and Republic. The theme for the evangelism was “No Salvation besides Jesus (Acts 4:12).”

Members were given tracts to guide them on how and what to evangelize. This was done to ensure that all members carried the same basic message – “why do I need Jesus?” and “why Jesus was the only savior of the world?” With this, the church launched out to preach good news.

In deed the Lord died and rose again, and we must tell the world of his love.


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