Sunday Service – “My Faith Driven Sacrifice” by Elder Maxwell Owusu

On November 19, PENSA KNUST was ministered unto by Elder Maxwell Owusu, the presiding Elder of Tafo PIWC, on the topic “My faith driven sacrifice” .The man of God begun  by uncovering to us the  real meaning of sacrifice .  He surmised  that “sacrifice”  is something that will cost you to give out. He gave a perfect example of a sacrifice with the story of Abraham in Genesis 22.

He disclosed that the mystery behind sacrifice, is the word ‘Only‘. What you love is often what you sacrifice

According to the speaker,  there  lies a thin difference between sacrifice and offering. Sacrifice is offering your entirety to God regardless of the consequences  whiles offering is giving part of what you own to God – he said.

Paramount instances in the Bible where sacrifice was highly exhibited;

1.God wanted His kind to be in the world (Genesis 1:26) He had to breathe into man (Genesis 2:7) for man to become a living sacrifice.

2.When man lost his position, He did not withhold His only son, Jesus,  to save the world.

Abraham was able to present his son because of faith. Giving a faith driven sacrifice is like a Title deed; it gives you assurance of a good future.

In the story of Elijah and the widow of Zarephath, the widow reveals that in these desperate times she has very little resources, merely a handful of flour and a little oil. The widow made a loaf of bread with the little flour and oil she had for Elijah. Elijah therefore told her, “The jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the Lord sends rain on the land”. 1 Kings 17:1-7

Moreover in Luke 21:1-4, admonishes that a certain poor widow gave all she had as a true sacrifice,  whiles the rich people  gave surplus of what they had.

Throughout scriptures, we find out that;

  • God gave His only son
  • Abraham presented his only son
  • The widow of Zarephath gave the source of her last meal
  • The widow gave her last coin

However, not all sacrifices are acceptable. a case in point is the offering made by Cain which was rejected by God ( Genesis 4)


  • God expects a sacrifice, not an offering that comes out of abundance. He wants something that costs us.
  • Give acceptable sacrifice. Listen to the voice of God and never hesitate on sacrifice, because it may hinder our break through.

Givers never lack


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