Sunday Service (Mini-Fundraising) – “Sacrifice” by Ps. Abraham Oppong

Giving is a type of prayer.  Through giving we activate God’s blessing towards our lives. It is difficult to get people to sacrifice when individually we can save huge sums of money to purchase things we need. There is always a struggle with choosing between things of the spirit and things of the flesh. This is because we cherish money and earthly things more than God. But if we don’t give fully how do we expect God to give us what we need. Giving is living, when you give it lives to produce. There is no way you will give to God that He will not give back to you.

In the kingdom, there are principles concerning money and financial breakthroughs. ‘I don’t have’ is not an excuse in the kingdom of God. What you bring to God is important. A typical example is the story of Jesus and the widow. For the widow to activate the blessings of God, Jesus took the last coin of the widow. How you have seen God determines your attitude towards Him. There are times when doors will be deliberately closed to push you to sacrifice to unleash the blessings. We don’t live by earthly economy but heavenly economy. Trust God that when you get to the worst, He will take care of you.

After every genuine sacrifice, there is a result. Every seed you sow in the kingdom attracts blessings. It is only genuine sacrifices that invokes God’s blessings. Romans 8:13. In the man of God’s own words, “Money can do what money can do, and man can do what man can do. But God can do what money and man cannot do.” God supersedes what man and money can do. Where our limitation end is where the supernatural begins. If your faith says “Yes”, God cannot say “No”. Whenever there is sacrifice, there is free giving. God will not give to us freely when we have not sacrificed (2 Corinthians 8:9)

Until the things of God becomes supreme or our priority, we cannot sacrifice. Let us give ourselves fully and wholly to God. He wants us to have dual blessings on earth and in heaven.

Things to take note of :

  • Don’t let someone else’s attitude deter you from giving.
  • When you get the opportunity to sacrifice, strike best.
  • You can be rich and righteous. There is an option to choose from, for Lazarus was poor and Abraham was rich. Both of them however ended up in heaven.
  • Do something to make God remember you for. Luke 18:28


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