Sunday Service( Men’s Championship Conference Climax) by Dr. Elder Ebenezer Asamoah Nyarko

 Scripture Reading: Genesis 1:26,37 : Matthew 16:13-18

Beginning the sermon, the minister started by thanking the executives of the Church for their vision 2023 which is possession nations and in this year particularly, building our church. He went ahead by saying that the only means we can possess the world for Christ is by reflecting the image of God. We were made to understand that MAN does not refer to the gender male only but anytime the Bible made mention of Man, it meant both male and female who were  artistically made in the image and likeness of God.  After the creation of Man, God gave him(God’s special creation) also the authority to rule  over all creations. Therefore, man is the pinnacle of God’s creation.

Also, the minister pointed out that we are the very image of God because we were created to be like Him and we  have the creative capacity of God in us. No matter how you look, the qualities you have, your stature, your beauty and your knowledge, you are still the image of God. The Men’s deputy director continued by  saying that there is nothing new on earth that is not in the bible. He cited an example of automatic doors relating to when Peter was in prison, where through God, the gates of the prison opened by itself.

Attributes of God’s Image

Taking the case of Daniel, Daniel carried the image of God. He was exceptionally knowledgeable and courageous to stand up to all tests. If the image  of God is in you, you become  unchangeable, unstoppable and  untoucheable. Your image is very important because it testifies about the works of God.

Bringing his sermon to a close, he asked that the church reflect the very image of God.  God expects us to be people of excellence in order that we may make impact.


May the lord bless His word!!!


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