Sunday Service (Leavers’ Service) – “Fulfilling My Ministry” by Eld. Dr. Christopher Ampadu

On the 13th of May, 2018, which happened to be the church’s last Sunday Service of the semester and also a leavers service, the church was honored to be ministered unto by Elder. Dr. Christopher Ampadu with service being held at the church’s building site.

It was indeed a joy for the final year students and the church at large, looking at what the Lord had done.

Indeed it was a time of solemn reflections mixed with a couple of mouthwatering performances from the finalists in the form of drama, choreography and many more which got the church in a state of ecstasy.

However, Dr Christopher Ampadu also set the ball rolling when he began his sermon on the topic “Fulfilling My ministry”.

Dr. Christopher in his opening address sought to bring to the minds of all, especially the finalists what ministry actually is. He sought to establish common ground for all to come to a consensus on the true meaning and purpose of ministry.

“The whole essence of ministry is not limited to the spiritual work or church work. Though that is also ministry, it is not the full picture of full ministry”. This he established.

According to Elder Ampadu, if one limits himself or herself to only the work done in church, he or she is not going to be really useful elsewhere. Examples include your workplace, your family life, relationship life and even in school work, where you can also make significant impact.

According to him, many had messed up in other areas since they considered such areas very trivial.

He continued by saying that one may be small but when it comes to your thinking you should be big since that is what brings transformation.

Moving on, he said that this transformation never comes without the renewing of the mind since that is the pivot and prerequisite for a man looking to impact his generation.  Here he gave a Scripture reference of Romans 12:1-3 where Paul urged all on the necessity for a renewed mind.

Moving on, he made the church aware that Ministry is everything you do that brings glory and honor to God. For in everything we do whether in word or in deed we should do it in the name of the Lord.

Again he sent across a very important message to the congregation that comparing one’s self to another person is treading on a dangerous ground and wouldn’t help one fulfill his or her ministry. Everyone is unique in his or her own way because God made it so.  Climaxing his message, Dr. Chris urged the finalists especially those going out into the world, to maintain their integrity and not  compromise their faith when they step out there.

Furthermore, he said that in Ghana and our part of Africa, most people are not really conscious of who they are. They are unaware of their heritage. This is what has actually brought challenges to our part of the world where a lot of people cannot fulfill their ministry owing to their low self-esteem.

Adding to him, he said when God was creating man he made man in his own image and likeness (Genesis 1:27). This should be the starting point and focal view of everyone, because the beginning started with God and He made us like Him, so our worth is in him, not in anything else.

Again he said, there are people in the church who for one reason or another even live in hatred, walk in jealousy and in envy of their own colleagues which shouldn’t be. John 13:34-35

In his closing remarks, the minister for the day spoke about the great commission. He urged the church to forge forward in this great command in whatever facet of our lives we may find ourselves in. Mathew 28:19.

The last words of the speaker sought to spell out to us our identity on this earth.

He made the statement that God after making man blessed him and commanded him to take charge of the earth, thus we as Christians are supposed to shine and live a life worthy of emulation.

It was indeed a great time in the presence of the Lord. The Lord had brought us this far and for the leavers there was nothing more to say than Ebenezer: This is how far the Lord has brought us and we are grateful.



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