Sunday Service (Ladies’ Wing Handover) – “The Role of The Spirit Filled Woman” by Mrs. Roberta Aseyoro

A woman is the last of God’s creation. She is supposed to be a helper, not only to her husband but all men in general. These words resonated in the minds of many as Mrs. Roberta Aseyoro took the people of PENSA -KNUST through the theme,” The Role of the Spirit Filled Woman”.

Who is a spirit filled woman?, the speaker asked. This question was both proper and fitting for the topic under review. According to the speaker, a spirit filled woman is one who has accepted Jesus Christ as her lord and personal saviour and has been baptised with the Holy Spirit. She walks by the principles of God in prayer, fasting, reading of the word etc. (Joshua 1:8).

Mrs. Roberta Aseyoro argued that, being spirit filled is not the preserve of a selected few. The spirit is for all, but one needs to avail himself. She cited instances in the Bible where the  Holy Spirit filled men, women and young people.

  • John the Baptist before birth was filled with the spirit.
  • Elizabeth was filled with the spirit after encountering the angel.
  • On the day of Pentecost, the disciples were filled as well.
  • Apostle Paul was filled with the spirit after Ananias asked that he be prayed for.

The speaker continued in her quest to paint a clear picture by letting the people of God know the nature of the world we live in. According to her, this contemporary society is one that is rotten in morality. There’s the popularization of homosexuality, incest, smoking. It’s a world where people have an unquenchable desire for new things, she added.

The woman of God provided biblical examples of spirit filled women to the church. They are as follows.

  • The first woman to be mentioned was Deborah.(Judges 4:4-15). Deborah was a judge of Israel and remained the mouthpiece of God even with the immorality of the day. She was a woman who had the nations interest at heart. Again, she was a courageous woman who was not ashamed to let people know that she had confidence in God. She was one of strong faith and knew the deliverance of the lord was a sure banker. Even though she was the mouthpiece of God, she did not usurp Barak’s place. She was resolute and took on an unusual assignment of going to the war front. Deborah employed strategy in her dealings and knew when Barak had to prepare for war. But one profound thing about her was that she gave thanks to God after their victory.(Judges 5).
  • Ruth was the second biblical example. This was a woman who resolved to follow her mother-in-law through hell or high water. She left her comfort zone and humbled herself under her mother-in-law’s authority.
  • Elizabeth was way past her prime for children. But she didn’t envy Mary in the least bit. The speaker advised the church of God to celebrate the victory of others in order that He may give them theirs. A spirit filled woman should be able to mentor young women, she asserted.
  • Mary is celebrated because she birthed our lord Jesus Christ. The one requirement that qualified her was her purity. She knew no man. The speaker drew our attention to the humility of Mary who didn’t ask for extravagance to give birth to Jesus Christ.

These women were just as we are. The difference however was that they consecrated themselves and availed themselves for the master’s use.

God Bless His Word!!.


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