TEXTS: Daniel 5:22, 2 Tim 2:19-21, Deut 26:19


In the ministration, he said that Holiness is setting yourself apart completely unto the living God. The church is called unto Holiness and everyone must set themselves apart. Be different, he added. In the communion of God,  one must live an experiential life of His righteousness in your thoughts, your words and your way of life. He continued that when Moses went to Sinai to receive the commandments, they said to Aaron, “make us a god like the people of the world”. The church must however not mark their lives by the Standard of the world. God is saying you have to be different from the other nations, he added. By the regeneration of the Holy Spirit, we are transformed and it must be evident to all people.

More, he highlighted that the Lord requires that we cease to do evil and all things that have its appearance. He added that if we believe, we become saints and we still have a part to play in salvation which is, to separate ourselves from sin. On history, he pointed that Sin existed from the beginning of time and its package changes with time but as believers, we must make the regeneration of God work in us against all of its schemes. Furthermore, he made the congregation realize that the character of God is holiness. In Genesis, the Sabbath was set apart for God. Things in the church are set apart, exclusively for the use of God. Any breach of these incurs God’s wrath and so as we’ve been separated, any breach on our path will also invoke His wrath.

In addition, “Be careful with your life”. In the new testament,  the standard of God is higher and so Manifest Christlike lives. It becomes shameful if a Christian is seen cheating in exam. You can do all the spiritual gymnastics but if you’re not holy, you don’t have the power of God, he identified. As a believer, the Bible says think of things that are noble, trustworthy and pure.  Don’t look lustfully at a young woman. Avoid the second look. Sampson was a Nazirite but he fell because of sexual immorality. He mentioned also that If you keep yourself pure for the Lord, you’ll receive a reward. Potiphar’s wife also lusted after Joseph so ladies must be cautious too. Joseph had a dream and so all he endured all the snares of Potiphar’s wife to achieve it.

In conclusion, The church had been called unto Holy living. Everything you do must be conditioned by the word of God. Amen

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