Sunday Service (Handing Over) – “Remain In Christ And His Basic Message” by Aps. Emmanuel Gyesi Addo (IMD)

On  Sunday, April 8, 2018 history  was made, when new crop of leaders were inaugurated and sworn in to take up the mantle of leadership for the 2018/19 academic and spiritual year of PENSA KNUST. The event saw lots of notable persons attend including the International Missions Director (IMD) Apostle Emmanuel Gyesi Addo who ministered and officiated the event.

Apostle Emmanuel Gyesi Addo’s sermon centered on the 2018 theme of the church “Remain in Christ and His basic message” and on the sub theme, “God’s inheritance in the saints”. His main scriptural reference was taken from Ephesians 1:15-23.

According to Apostle Gyesi, this year’s theme was carefully chosen to alleviate the current phase our Christian faith is receiving, that is the messages being given and the distortions that has left much to be desired. He further added that the theme of the church is to draw us back to the elementary of God’s word. He likened the understanding of the basic word to a man who was enquiring from a fisherman if he knew about any intellectual disciplines like psychology, physiology and sociology while being ferried across a river.

En route to their destination, they were confronted by a wave which accidentally capsized their boat, leaving the man drowning in the water. Eventually he got rescued by the fisherman. He went ahead again to inquire from the fisherman if he knows anything about “swim ology” because at that point that was the basic knowledge he needed to survive.

He added that, Ephesians 1:1-14 enlightens us about how God has made us Saints thus people set aside and sanctified for God’s purpose, and are among the faithful people who have laid hold of their salvation, God’s chosen ones, and a people without blame.

He also stressed further that the three cardinal virtues such as faith, hope and love must be exhibited by us all. The basic attitude of a Christian must be seen in us all, that is faith in the Lord and the love for the saints. He surcharged the church that they are an embodiment of Christ and therefore anytime they go out they should not be wary of fear because God resides in them.

Apostle Gyesi however admonished that, wisdom is the right application of knowledge, it coordinates our speech and utterances. He made emphasis on Paul’s prayer for the church in Ephesus, which was that the church will gain the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ. This means that our knowledge of Christ must increase daily. There must be an addition to what we already know and we must see God in a new dimension. Hence a Christian’s maturity in Christ must skyrocket for him to be able to face adversities and challenges that may come his way.

The speaker further also enlighten the church on the three main prayer request Paul made on behalf of the church in Ephesus.

  1. God should open the eyes of their understanding that they may come to know the hope of His calling.

He expressed that hope was vital to any human being. Because as humans we need hope to survive, and without it we cannot survive the next day. A classic example is Japan, a highly industrialized and a rich country in the world but with a high rate of suicide cases. This indicates that most Japanese have no hope for tomorrow, because a person with a sure hope for tomorrow will not take his own life. But Christians are privileged because they are no ordinary persons because they have been called to a blessed hope. So despite how gloomy and bleak the future may seem, our hope is in Christ, the sure solid rock .He further surmised that this same hope means certainty and surety.

  1. The church should come to know of the riches of God’s inheritance in the saints.

He advised that every Christian is God’s investment and therefore we are not ordinary beings. As scripture nt and therefore we are not ordinary beings. as equest now the hope of His callingor tommorrow suicide cases. this  says where your treasure is that is where your heart is and because we are God’s treasure He is keen about our wellbeing, our actions and our activities. God is enriched by us and us by him – he added.

  1. The church should become aware of God’s exceeding power towards those who believe.

Power exudes fear, confidence and it intimidates sometimes. But exceedingly great power exceeds human imagination and understanding and this is the resurrection power of Christ. This was also witnessed in the parting of the red sea in the Old Testament. One must understand that extremely great power was not the one exhibited at Lazarus’ tomb or other jaw dropping miracles but in the resurrection of Christ.

He concluded his message by challenging the church to understand that God’s power is above all powers and dominions not only in this age but in the age which is to come. And moreover wherever a believer finds him/herself they must be able to demonstrate God’s power.


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