Sunday Service (Fund-Raising) – “My Sweet Scented Sacrifice” by Pastor Franklin Kumi Lartey


“Sweet” is a pleasant taste.whereas  scent is a distinct odour or smell. The minister went further to say; our sacrifice can either be sweet scented or foul scented (Genesis 4:4-6).

Furthermore, the speaker stressed that a sacrifice is either sweet or foul based on God’s standard. He then outlined the following, as things that make a sacrifice unpleasant:

  • Pride
  • Giving Grudgingly
  • Greed (not being content)
  • Giving money gotten through dubious means
  • Giving items of inferior quality

He then turned the attention of The Body of Christ to the fact that the aroma of one’s sacrifice depends on our hearts, for bible says God loves a cheerful giver. In addition, the minister referred to the story of Cain and Abel to attest the fact that God does not only find the sacrifice pleasant but the giver as well.

The minister then explained to The Church of God that, in days of old, it was believed that the scent produced by the animal burning on the alter ascends into the throne room of God, fills God’s throne room and is finally inhaled by God. God then smiles and showers blessings on the giver if He finds it pleasant.

The minister continued with testimonies of people who had benefited from giving. He made mention of the lady in Matthew 26:6-12 who poured a very expensive perfume on the head of Jesus and for this action she was blessed by Jesus Christ that where ever the gospel shall go this action of hers will be remembered. He also made mention of Christiana Obo, who also gave bountifully to help The Church of Pentecost grow to become what it is now and her name will be forever be enshrined in the history of The Church of Pentecost.

The minister concluded by tasking us to give our all, for giving has a ripple effect in the life of the giver and on his or her descendants and to everyone who gives a sweet scented sacrifice “My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”(Philippians 4:18)


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