Sunday Service – Drama Praise 2017, Rejoice! The Lord Is Faithful

It was another glorious time in the presence of the Lord, the rain couldn’t stop us, and the Lord was in the business of showing us the glory of His presence.

The morning which happened to be the 15th of October, 2017, promised to bring the light out of Drama Praise 17. The singers were ready; the whole team was ready to make the morning great, all happening at the Royal Parade Grounds.

The introduction of the first minister for the morning, Elder Robert Fobi, opened the door and showed glimpses of what the day’s service which was a continuation of the Drama Praise promised to be.

Elder Robert Fobi

The minister of God led the church into a time of worship, and one could not tell if it was the Angels singing or not but for sure the Angels were rejoicing.

The Lord indeed was faithful and the service continued to unearth more great performances but before Elder Fobi took his seat the whole atmosphere was gingered up in glory and ready for what the service would turn out.

The Music and Drama committee provided the congregation with some very great performances, the appearance and colourful scene they provided was just enough to catch the attention of the crowd.

Indeed the variety of both foreign and local songs that were ministered showed to a very great extent that the Lord has been faithful.

Mr. Bernard Adusei (Music and Drama Director) together with the Kings Praise really ministered in what was a solemn time of reflection of the Lord’s faithfulness and how far the Lord had brought the church.

The spoken word from the editorial committee entitled ‘’what if’’, delivered by Mr. Samuel Acquah was just exquisite and provided the church a lot to ponder about.

The service continued with a couple of drama sessions from the Royal Vine Theatre (RVT). The drama from the RVT also provided the congregation with knowledge of how the Lord’s faithfulness abounds everywhere if we remain our integrity and love towards God.

Royal Vine Theatre with drama session

 The dance moves could not also be left out. In all the RVT gave unto the church what the Lord had provided in all thrills and excitement.

The service couldn’t end without an altar call and the travelling secretary PS. Seth Offei Badu together with the Vice President of Pensa KNUST, Elder Joshua Obu led the congregation in a time of prayer to receive Christ.

The climax of the program saw a ministration by Prince Acheampong who happened to be a former music and drama director for PENSA KNUST in the year 2015/2016. His ministration was a real blessing to the hearts of many who came.

The service which happened to be a Drama Praise afternoon ended with some few ministrations from Kings Praise and RVT in what was a time of drama and praise.

Drama Praise 17 – Rejoice the Lord is Faithful.

[Written by the Excerpt Crew of the Editorial Committee]

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