Sunday Service – “Divine Privileges From The Death of Christ” by Aps. Kingsford Kyei Mensah

On 4th March, 2018, PENSA-KNUST was ministered onto by Apostle Kingsford Kyei Mensah on the divine privileges we have from the death of Christ. The main bible reference was from Ephesians 1:1-6

Apostle Mensah explained Privilege as a special right or advantage available only to a particular person or a group of people. Acceptance is important in both our social and spiritual life. He lamented on how politicians try to seek acceptance from citizens to be able to gain power as an example of social acceptance. As Christians, God has accepted us in His beloved son .That is the greatest privilege of a Christian. He does not look at what you’ve done in the past and accepts you as His own. From Romans 8:29, we got to know that we are the children of God and Jesus Christ is our senior brother. He has accepted us into His family because we believe in the death of Christ. Our future is secure if we have faith in Him, trust in Him, and remain in His basic message.

One privilege we enjoy because of God’s acceptance is His Grace. That is why the veil was torn after the death of Jesus. The Death of Christ paved way for every believer to go to the throne of grace with all boldness.  (Ephesians 2:18, 3:12).

We are also Reconciled with God because of his acceptance. According to the speaker, there are three types of reconciliation. Daillassomai – the reconciliation with God before you make an offering to him.

Apokatallaso – accepting the blame even though you are not wrong to reconcile with someone.

Katallaso – that is the reconciliation we get with God through the death of Christ. Where we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

We are relieved of our former master Satan and transferred to God. From the kingdom of darkness to that of Light. Our sins have been paid in full. Satan has nothing to do with us. We have also been called to reconcile the world to God by evangelising. (2 Corinthians 5:18-19, Romans 5:10-11).

He further stated that Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is God’s desire to come to man but religion is man’s desire to get to God.

Another privilege we enjoy through God’s acceptance is Peace. (Romans 5:1-2). Peace from God, peace with God and peace of God. Acceptance is the door that ushered us to the peace of God. The world of hostility is broken down and the peace of God becomes our portion. Even though we face troubles and problems, Jesus is our fortress. He gives us peace.

We are engraved in the palm of God; no one can snatch us away from him. He has accepted us into his family.

May God’s peace and grace be with us even as we have reconciled with HIM. Amen. 


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