Sunday Service (Communion Service) – “Doctrinal Block – Altars” by Ps. Abraham Oppong

The 28th of April was a very special Sunday for the congregants of PENSA to gain understanding and insight into one of the doctrinal blocks of the church. The main texts were taken from Exodus 20:24 and Exodus 24:1-5. The man of God proceeded to talk about some characteristics of altars. They are outlined below.

  • Altars are designed for sacrifices to the Lord.
  • Special people designated by God build the altars.
  • Gives us access to God.
  • Built to receive/hear from God.
  • Carries the presence and power of God.
  • Built in order for God to accept our sacrifices.
  • There is forgiveness on the altar. (2nd Chronicles 4:1,19)
  • Brings the people of God closer to God.
  • Represents the restoration of God.
  • The stronger your altar, the stronger your intimacy with God.(1st kings 1:50-51)
  • Signifies God’s protection.


  1. Earthen altars
  2. Stone altarsExodus 29 gives instructions on the Altar of God.Blood is used to cleanse the altar and the leaders.
    2. Blood is used to clean blood and ashes.
    3. The altar is anointed with oil to sanctify it.
    4. After 7 days the altar is declared sanctified.
    5. There is no need for any other ritual to be done on the altar after sanctification. (Hebrews 9:9)

The believer is the altar of God. The Holy Ghost comes upon believers since we carry the presence of God.(Acts 2:1-4).We have full access to God since we are the altar. (Matthew 27:50-51, Act 24,1st Peter 2:9).

We are the altars of God in this dispensation of Grace and must therefore live as such.

God bless you!


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