Sunday Service (Communion) – “I Am An Example of Christ Doing What Is Righteous” BY Apostle A.L. Angoh

Sin may not kill you physically, but it sure has a way of hindering you spiritually.

These were vivid words of Apostle A. L. Angoh who graced the Sunday service of PENSA-KNUST  on  23rd April in the year of our Lord 2017.

He ministered on the topic “I am an example of Christ, doing what is righteous”.

His scripture references were taken from the book of Psalms 17:3-5, 119, 1 Samuel 3:4, 2 Samuel 12:13, Genesis 7 vs 11-19.

He first and foremost made an irrevocable and valid statement that as believers we should try not to allow sin into our life. We should not allow circumstances irrespective, steal away the love of God from our lives.

He also said that if Christians today are now able to stand before the throne of God then it is non other but by the shed blood of the most high God. He cemented this statement by using his life as an example of how he was able to part ways with the world if it had not taken the intervention of the blood of Jesus.

Likewise he hinted that King David is an ardent believer because of his fear for God of which he sited several examples in the scriptures were David had several opportunities to take King Saul’s life of which he declined because David wanted to see the Lords glory. The proof of Davids righteousness was for sparing King Saul’s life. He even considered Saul who was after his life as his father.

This is the position God wants us to place ourselves, we should love those who hate us – he added.

He warned the church that if anyone sins against his or her brother, you haven’t sinned against your brother but rather unto God.

He also pinpointed the infallibility of the human nature using King David again as a reference point.

  1. First of it all was his sin of negligence. He rejected his family. (the confrontation he had with his son Absalom and there after)
  2. One of the heinous sins he also committed was the killing of Uriah and forcefully taking his wife Bathsheba.

The apostle of God also defined righteousness as any act of human behavior characterized by uprightness or morality. That is anything your conscience or someone tells you is right or wrong. Per the old and new testament, it means conformity to the norms  (will of God).


  1. It brings about the multiplicity of God’s blessing on those who serve Him
  2. You will flourish like the palm tree in all endeavors
  3. The Lord will uphold you
  4. The Lord remember you. Psalms 37:17-19
  5. The Lord will deliver you from all your troubles
  6. The righteous will not hunger. Proverbs 10.

He brought his message to an end by unleashing a brawny and powerful blessing on the brethren.



[Written by the Excerpt Crew of the Editorial Committee]

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