Sunday Service – Bible Study on “Tithes and Offerings”

It was that time in the semester where brethren would gather and share fellowship together in the word of God. Such was today’s service which was a Bible study time. It was the 12th of November 2017, where many gathered at Africa Hall Dining Hall to share fellowship together in love.

The topic for discussion was Tithes and Offerings, and the bible study coordinators and facilitators led the church in this wonderful session.

Indeed the necessity of paying your tithes and offering cannot be down played at all and today’s service provided some wonderful insights into that. Here is a brief summary of today’s study:

Tithing is a vital part of the Christians walk with God which is motivated by faith. The concept of tithe was traced back to Abraham before the law was even given. God later gave it as a law to the people under the dispensation of the old covenant.

The word tithe simply means giving a one tenth of whatever you have or have gained as an income to God to show your appreciation as an act of worship. Tithing is a type of offering, however there are other ones too, such as personal contributions, freewill offerings and sacrificial giving which are all being motivated by love and faith in Christ Jesus.

Scriptures used in the course of the study included: Genesis 14:16-20, Hebrews 7:1-10. Tithing as mentioned earlier was first seen with Abraham who offered up a tenth of what he had received to the King of Salem, a priest, a man who had no genealogy who was a typology of Christ (Melchizedek).

One thing that was set across  in the new testament concerning tithing is that, Tithing is not really a law as applied in certain aspects of the old covenant but stems out of a relationship you have with God thus tithes is given to God and not man. As such, no one is under compulsion to pay tithes and offerings, but it would be to our own detriment and we will be doing a great disservice if we desists from doing so.

We are all seeds of Abraham and heirs according to the promise. Thus we can learn from our father Abraham who actually went into the mind of God ahead of time and revealed this great virtue of tithes as part of our walk with the Lord. When he gave a tithe of what he had received to Melchizedek.

Thus we are to follow in his footsteps, knowing fully that in that, the Lord opens many blessings for the individual and church at large (2 Corinthians 9:25-27). No one is to give under compulsion but rather by his/her freewill because God loves a cheerful giver is another thing that was puts across. (For it is a thing of the heart).

In the concluding remarks and study that was learnt today another important factor to note was the fact that the Holy Spirit is also the one that can lead one to give and sacrifice his/her all. “For sacrifice is a personal encounter, you don’t compare them’’-(University Hall Overseer).

The study was really a great one and sharing the word together is like no other thing. For iron sharpeneth iron, even as the countenance of one sharpeneth another.

This was a great time at service, the word was rightly divided and there was no room for any false doctrine and teaching that holds that Tithes and Offering is an Old Testament principle, for it still holds even under the new covenant dispensation.

Christ in You…………………………….

The hope of Glory….

[Written by the Excerpt Crew of the Editorial Committee]

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