Sunday Service – Bible Study (Discerning of Spirits)

Discerning of spirits is one of the gifts of the holy spirit which is very important for ascertaining the authenticity of a spirit or authority at work. The human spirit, evil spirits as well as the Holy Spirit all make utterances and thus this gift is needed to know the true voice of God.

Scripture references were made from, 1 John 4:1-3, Acts 16: 16-18, Hebrews 5:13-14 and 1 Corinthians 12:10-11.

The Questions Discussed Included:

  • How do you understand discerning of spirits?
  • Distinguish between spiritual discernment and discerning of spirits?
  • Why are we supposed to test every spirit?
  • Having seen the example of the slave girl in Acts 16, should we acknowledge all true prophesies as from God? Why?
  • What is our role as the Church concerning discerning of spirits?

At the end we learnt that;

  • Every believer has a level of discernment in him which increases with one’s maturity in the word of God.
  • The gift of discernment should be desired by every believer.
  • Spiritual discernment is having matured in the word to distinguish between evil and good.
  • We must test every spirit to know if it is from God.
  • Prophecies are confirmations to a word you have received from God.
  • We must ask for insight into God’s word to be able to discern what is good and bad.
  • We should desire and pray for the gift of discernment.

The gift of discerning of spirits is an ability given by the Holy Spirit to know the inspiration behind every manifestation. It is not mind reading, psychological insight, fault finding nor is it discerning of people. This gift is very important in order to guard the church against deception of false spirits. God bless and help us all as we test all spirits and hold fast to good.

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