Sunday Service – “Being An Exemplary Lady In My Generation” BY Deaconess Grace Lucy Yeboah Asuamah

Having been ministered unto through out the week by distinguished women of God on the theme “Completing the Outfit ,” the church was eager to receive from yet another wonderful woman of God, Deaconess Grace Lucy Yeboah Asuamah. This climaxed the week’s Glorious ladies conference and she ministered on the topic: “Being an exemplary lady in my generation.”

Beginning, she said an exemplary woman is one who has Christ as an example and lives according to His ways and does not only focus on only spirituality but also the physical aspect as well. Reading from Colossians 1:12-14, she pointed out the fact that upon salvation, Christ placed a stamp of ownership on our lives when he removed us from the dominion of darkness. Therefore His name is upon us, signifying that we can’t live for ourselves again but rather how He wants us to. This can only be accomplished if we watch our actions and constantly assessing ourselves whether we are still in the faith.

Continuing, she admonished us saying wherever we find ourselves and at any appointed time, exhibiting the character of Christ should be our prime motive. There reason is that this world is running into a ditch and if care is not taken we might not reach our destination as Christians. Hence spiritual quickening and understanding is needed in forgoing our formal ways. More so, living right as a Christian sometimes calls insults on you but one needs to be determined and this can be achieved through reading of  the word as it grant one the ability to know the mind of God. Christ is Truth meaning truth is not relative but must always be said even at the point of death.

With reference to Esther 2:8, she said Esther is an exemplary woman and a disciple of Christ, a woman from the minority and an orphan, but having relied on God, she was later crowned as a Queen. Hence a disciple is one who follows Christ, accepts His discipline and has Christ as his/her lord. However to be an exemplary woman, one need to possess these characteristics: Exhibiting Christ ‘s humility and the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 22:4), Watchful of our lives, being compassionate, being vessels to be used by God and moving away from the life of me, mine and myself (that is, being selfish and self centered).

This can be achieved by: living against or killing the desire of the flesh, allowing our lives to affect others, practicing righteousness and the direction of our lives through guidance from the Holy Spirit.

In conclusion, she commented that an exemplary woman’s life is one which pleases Christ, a character that is different from contemporaries and rather causes them to come to Christ and this is possible by having a proper orientation of our lives to be able to fit into the master’s plan.

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