Sunday Service – “Beginning With God” BY Elder Emmanuel Kpodo.

It was that time in the semester after a long vacation, where you get the opportunity to fellowship once again with brethren, in what was the first service of the semester in the 2017/18 academic year. A couple of thanksgiving and testimonies by students set the ball rolling for the ministration of the word; this indeed was testifying that the Lord has been good.

The church was honored to be ministered unto by an officer of the church, a former Vice President of PENSA-KNUST, in the person of Elder Emmanuel Kpodo.

Ministering on the topic “Beginning with God”, the preacher man made a statement that ‘’when troubles come, make a date with Him’’.  Indeed, God was beginning the semester and Elder Kpodo moving on with his sermon indicated that, to begin with God is to start with Him. He urged us to be assured of what good it is, if God is to be with us.  He gave the following scriptures Jeremiah 29:11 and Revelation 1:8 reading from various lenses of the scriptures to provide for us a clearer picture.

“For you to understand what it means to begin with God you need to know who God is” said the minister. He stated the fact that, God is not far from us, as most people may think, and he reiterated the fact of knowing who God is, listing three areas we are to know God:

  • His Personality.
  • His Character.
  • His Passion.

Talking about his personality, he made the point that God is spirit, thus we walking with Him provides us with a kind of liberty, since where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. You are not alone, for the Lord changeth not is one thing the man of God puts across.

In His character, He talked about the Lord being a God of love where he read 1 Corinthians 13 to explain what love really is, for us to emulate. He later talked about faithfulness where he said that, when your faith is full you will not struggle to be faithful. He pointed out also to the holiness of God giving the congregation a picture by quoting, Matthew 5:8 after which he ended his point on the character of God.

The third area he spoke on was on the passion of God. He made three points where He said God desired that:

  1. The lost will come home ( Luke 19:10)
  2. Constant Fellowship in the following
  • Word of God.
  • Fellowship with the spirit that is the person of the holy spirit
  • Fellowship with other saints
  1. Sacrifice your all to God.

 The sermon ended in an atmosphere of glory, after the church was led into a time of prayer in what was indeed a time where all left with the conviction of the Lord beginning the semester with them.

(Excerpt written by the editorial Committee of PENSA KNUST )

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