Sunday Service (Ladies’ Week Climax) – “Becoming a Beauty For His Glory” by Mrs Elizabeth Kumi Lartey

Beauty, she began by explaining, is that which is appealing when perceived; it’s a state of being. It has been limited by society to be of a pleasing physical appearance. This has led to a rush for a well-proportioned body and enhancements by most people. Beauty is not from the costly apparel and adornment we purchase (1Peter 3:3-4). These can be changed, makeup can be washed away, hairstyles can be undone and jewelry and clothes can also be removed. The inner beauty of a gentle and kind spirit is that which pleases the Lord, she explained.

Beauty is characterized by good deeds (1Timothy 2:9-10) and this includes gentleness, humility, respectfulness, courteousness, hospitality, hard work, kindness, the fear of God, among others. When you receive the bitter lashings of someone’s tongue, do you respond appropriately or do you maintain your composure? Do you smile at others’ visitors even when their presence is making you uncomfortable and you would have appreciated some privacy then?, the speaker asked.




  • Keep your environs clean and perform all your chores.
  • Learn how to cook; eat a lot from your own kitchen.


  • Women are very attractive(that is a given), and so don’t be swayed by this to engage in immoral acts. This advice was a special one for the men.
  • Don’t allow continued attention from guys cause you to misbehave and become promiscuous, 2Timothy 2:22.
  • Know that your body is a holy entity and it’s not Christian to dress to kill. Deliberately exposing body parts to seduce and such isn’t in our value system.
  • Be satisfied with what you have.


  • Learn to be discreet with sensitive information.
  • Don’t spread negative news about others.
  • Don’t insult people who approach you because you have no interest in them.
  • Respect authority and leaders (Ecclesiastics 10:20). Don’t be brain washed with democracy.

The Holy Spirit as an agent of beauty: the spirit in us communicates with us through our conscience and so when we veer into the ugly with our words, actions and appearance, he cautions us to correct ourselves.


  • Rebecca is not only characterised by her physical appearance to be beautiful but also Bible describes her as a virgin, [Genesis 24:16 21]. She was also very hard working and it was this quality of beauty that endeared her to be married off.
  • Abigail is described as a beautiful woman of good countenance and with great discernment, [1 Samuel 25:3].

Everything you do must bring glory to God, [Matthew5:16.] Let the beauty of Jesus in you shine through all that you do.


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