Sunday Service (Alumni Homecoming, Climax)- “They That Know Their God” by Eld. Daniel Tabi

To what extent do you know God?

This question was fitting for both students and alumni of PENSA KNUST as we joined to climax the Alumni Homecoming celebration. The speaker, Elder Daniel Tabi did not mince words as he put the question before the people of God. The question may have been, but it held so much truth. There’s a difference between having an information about God and experiencing Him, the speaker explained. We know God by seeking Him and we seek Him diligently through the scriptures.(Hebrews 11:6).

Being a married man and tasting the fruits of a happy marriage, the speaker juxtaposed our intimacy with God to that of one’s beloved. This is what we should be in pursuit of. He however gave some pointers for the people of God to follow in their quest to seek God and they are as follows;

  • Going to God solemnly in prayer.
  • Practicing what you meditate on.
  • Being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Elder Daniel Tabi painted a picture to the church of God about the love of Christ. He gave an analogy of a deaf man who was about to be knocked down by a speeding truck which he was oblivious to. A man who had no connection to this deaf man gives his life in place of the deaf man. This illustration epitomizes the love Christ has for His people, the speaker pointed out. In seeking God, you get to see the love the Lord has for you. God’s love has no conditions, he added.

The man of God encouraged the church with some instances from his own life. These instances showed how the Lord never failed the people that seek Him. The speaker asserted that, the provisions of God are inexhaustible.(Philippians 4:19). When God says wait, it is not that He has run out of supply, he added.

If we think science fiction and certain action movies are spectacular, then the extent to which God provides for His people beats the limitations of our finite human minds. We will marvel

In his closing remarks to the people of God, the speaker tells the church of God to trust in the name of the Lord because He is more than able. The I AM God is with us. That is joy enough.

When there are challenges in life, God comes through.



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