Sunday Service – “Abounding In Good Works” by Ps. Seth Offei Badu

On the 4th of February was a blessed Sunday, and PENSA KNUST as a church was very honoured to have been ministered unto by our own Travelling Secretary Pastor Seth Offei.

It was a great time as we delve deeper into the truths and depths of our academic  and spiritual year’s theme “Abounding In Good Works“.

Without God nothing can be done, God is not welcome in places of bribery and corruption.

We’ve been made the salt of the earth the preacher said, so we are to give definition to the world, we are to give the world a taste, so that our absence is always felt. We are also the light of the world.

Jesus when He was on this earth was the only true light of the world, after His  ascension, He shared His light abroad in our heart so we can abound in good works.

The preacher spoke about Dorcas from Acts 9:36 about the fact that the good she  did was not only counted as charity but also good works, this is because she went  beyond the normal Christian duties, moreover she did something that in her absence no one else could do and that was counted as good works.

Good works are the creative works that we do because of who we are in Christ.

The work that follows us and that which will be tested with fire and on which our  names will be embedded …

We are entreated to go beyond our 10% life as Christian and pursue our full potential and this is obtained by abounding in good works…

God bless you even as you do something extraordinary for the Kingdom.

 Scripture reference: Mat.5:16,1st Tim.2:10, Eph.2:10, Col. 2


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