Sunday Service – “A Touch of You” BY Ps. Shadrack Addo Arnan


It is the 23rd day of October, 2016, and PENSA-KNUST was honored to have Pastor Shadrack Addo Arnan as the minister for the day! The ministration was very hilarious, yet spirit filled. He spoke on the topic, “A Touch of You”, and he sandwiched the sermon between two powerful songs that captured the topic.

Kicking starts the sermon, he raised the song, “I open up to you, for a touch of you…” and ended it with “Something happened, now I know, He touched me and made me whole…”

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Proceeding, he cited a number of examples of individuals that many people have longed to just get close to them and just touch them. Some mentions he made were Lionel Messy, Pastor Chris, the late Mother Theresa and the chairman of the church.

At this point, he made it clear to the church that the “touch” in his ministration is not just any kind, but that which has the potential of transforming lives. An instance of this is seen in the life of Jesus in Luke 18.

Moving on, he revealed an intriguing analysis of the story of the woman with the issue of blood and how a simple “touch” on the garment of Jesus was able to make her whole. At the time, it was considered unwholesome for a woman to be in the condition of this lady, but she tried her worth to get in touch with Jesus. This touch was so transformational that Jesus himself felt that power had been drawn out of Him. (Luke 8:40-48)

Pastor Shadrack went on and shared experiences in his own life of how God’s transformational touch changed his vision in life. On several occasions, God kept speaking to him through several means to enter into full time ministry as opposed to his desire to become an accountant, until it was duly fulfilled in his life.

He told the congregation of several instances, after condoning to enter into ministry, how the touch of God performed miracles that left him dumbfounded, just as all the people who witnessed them. Notable was how an unbeliever got baptized in the Holy Spirit, just as he laid his hands on him in a simple prayer.

Again, he was led to minister healing unto someone who had a deformity from birth, during one of his sermons. The miracle happened right at the moment reached out to touch the person, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

There was also a time when he led his congregation to pray over a lifeless baby that was rushed into the premises in the middle of a sermon. They prayed, and the baby returned to life.

By the time he finished sharing all these occurrences, the congregation was charged up for prayer. He raised a song and led the church into a time of prayer which saw several dimensions of the manifestation of the spirit of God. What a lovely day!



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