Sunday Service – “A Man Of Noble Character” by Aps. Prof Peter Ohene Kyei

Throughout the whole week, a lot had been learnt and the climax of the Men’s Championship Conference promised to hold in stalk a lot for the church. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and service happened to take place on the 11th of March, 2018 at the Africa Hall Dining Hall.

All was set to crown the Men’s Championship Conference and the church was privileged to be ministered unto by Apostle, Professor Peter Ohene Kyei, a former Rector of Pentecost University College (PUC).

His major scriptural references were taken from: Genesis 1:26-27, Romans 8:29 and Philippians 4:8. From there he surcharged that there is a call from God for men of noble character, for God had a purpose when He created man. He also said that the first thing God gave to men was His very image. Thus we are to reflect God’s character and personality.

The atmosphere was already gingered up and the church was eager to hear more of the word which had already started to work in the hearts of many. According to the speaker the original sin was the first choice of a free moral man, and the power of choice granted to men goes a long way to determine destinations.  However he established the fact that the fall of man did not affect God’s original intention.

We are actually new creations and our old life becomes new through the power of the Holy spirit making us new creations (2 cor 5:17).

Christianity is the only religion where we take God everywhere because He lives in us. Apostle Peter Ohene Kyei continued by emphasizing that we have been elevated into a higher life where we live by principles based on Bible principles. (1 Peter 2:9).

He urged the church and specifically the men to live a life of courtesy and take seriously issues that have to do with personal hygiene and living godly lives.

The devil is after men to kill them thus there is a need to be careful even as we continue in the Christian race. Moving ahead Apostle Ohene Kyei, talked on the issue of character. Here He said that character is the excellence of your moral being, the sum total of all your personality, quoting A.W. Tozer.

Character is a dedication to a set of standards, a life lived based on principles and not popularity. Ones character is actually the sub total of ones habits, or traits. The character of a noble man stems out of honesty, love, integrity and purity.

Indeed the essence of character could not have been downplayed as the speaker for the day continued to hit on the issue of character which He established that many Christians don’t walk the talk. For character is transparent, and is a self- imposed discipline based on biblical principles.

If money is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost, something is lost, but if character is lost all is lost. – Billy Graham.

Quoting again He cited Dr. Myles Munroe by saying that character is like a preventive medicine. If you don’t allow the Holy Spirit to discipline your character you won’t last.  He went on to talk about some few men whose character brought them to a fruitful place of destiny. There he mentioned Daniel and Joseph showing us how they stood firm in spite of the opposition and choices they faced in life to compromise their faith.

At the latter part of the sermon, drawing the curtains down.  He made mention of three things that would test our character citing Dr. Myles Munroe.

  1. Power
  2. Money
  3. Access to sex.

These things he said will magnify what is already inside you. Choices you make in your everyday life influence your character. Thus He told us to open our hearts up for the Holy Spirit to have His way.

There was a need to become a man of noble character, and the speaker for the morning getting to the end of his ministration said??

  1. 1. It is a radical call for a radical Christian, where there is that need, to crucify the flesh, live in purity and also nurture the things of the spirit.
  2. Live your life principles based on God’s word, living in His basic message.
  3. Develop a godly habit, which comes by frequent repetition over a period of time.
  4. Avoid bad company, but let one delight in spiritual activities.
  5. Cultivate the presence of God.

The speaker for the day then led the church in a short time of prayer, and indeed the last day of the Men’s Championship Conference was a blessing not only to the men, but to the whole church at large.



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