Revival Week: Day 3 – “Treasure In Earthen Vessels” by Pastor Daniel Dekpor

Words cannot describe what the climax of the revival was. Even these words which attempt to put across the whole essence of the service is limited in human language.

The ministration of the word saw God visit the church in an extraordinary way, continuing his ministration today Ps. Daniel Dekpor expounded more and gave an insight into Treasures in earthen vessels which has been the theme for the whole revival week.

The entrance and aura of the man of God alone set the pace for a glorious night service. In his introduction Ps. Daniel Dekpor read from Luke 4:1 and 14 where he established the fact that Jesus after being led by the spirit into the wilderness came back in the power of the spirit.

He continued by saying that we have been given authority, the Greek word “exousia”. He cited the scripture John 1:12 as a reference. “Power makes the authority very effective in manifesting the treasure in you” is one thing the man of God puts across.

Moving on with his ministration, he talked about how to identify and unearth this treasure within:

Personal encounter with Christ: Here he used the story of Moses and the burning forest as an illustration. The speaker furthered indicated, that there is something in everyone that needs to be excavated. One needs to change position and behavior to encounter this.

We are not a product of the past. If you have this treasure in you, you are a product of the future since Jesus Christ is this treasure, who is the beauty of God.

Stay pure: Another point he made was to reiterate the fact of the need to stay holy under the presence of God. Not defiling ourselves with the king’s royal food as seen in the book of Daniel. Where the kings royal food meant” anything not worthy of Christ”.

Personal Devotion: In this point he also said that, you don’t wait for a particular time to expect a miracle. Thus the need for personal devotion he said; was essential in knowing God.

Fasting and Prayer: This He said was another virtue which adds value to the treasure in you, thus He admonished us on the need to fast and engage in prayers on a consistent basis.

Temptations are inevitable sometimes in the Christian walk, thus walking in the full power of the Holy Ghost is a necessity for the Christian life. He later stated also that when one preaches the word of God, the treasure in you is also made manifest to others.

Ps. Dekpor said that your physical body will succumb to the spiritual, if you unearth the treasures in you. The disciples made a huge impact after they received the holy spirit, and we are to do no different.

Indeed, it was a glorious time in fellowship, in the presence of God. A time of prayer after the sermon saw God move in an extraordinary way. The spirit had come to abide, and Pentecost was sure to stay in the heart of every Tom, Dick and Harry that was present.

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