Revival Week: Day 2 – “Treasure In Earthen Vessels” by Pastor Daniel Dekpor

To add up to yesterday’s impartation, Pastor Daniel Dekpor , the area head for Tumu in Upper West Region ministered on our theme ,’Treasure in Earthen Vessels’. A treasure is something wonderful and worth mentioning and such is living in an earthly vessel.

The main text was from 2 Corinthians 4:1-7. This chapter begins with the word “therefore”, indicating that the chapter seeks to explain things mentioned in the previous one. Paul was talking to the Corinthians about the results of their works. Our great power is from God and not ourselves for things that are discerned, are not things written on paper but written in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. The Grace that God has given unto us has enabled us to be ministers of the new covenant. We therefore live by Grace and not by our actions and we are certainly not healed by drugs. Jesus within us also works on the outside bringing great changes into our lives. Material things therefore has no influence over our lives but what is within us. These preceded the “therefore”.

The power and glory that shone on Moses’ face that people could not stand to look at him is what now dwells in an earthly vessel like ‘you’. Genesis chapter 1 talks about the power of God showcased in His creation. Man was given the power to command all things but lost this power due to disobedience. This power is regained through Jesus Christ. John 1:1-5 reveals that Jesus used the word to create the world. And He was with God when creation began and through him things came into existence. He is the light of the world and darkness cannot comprehend it, with Him in your life all things are possible.

When one becomes a Christian, he receives power to exercise the authority embedded in him. You now become the vessel for the spirit of God and Heaven empowers you. This is where you begin to prophesy, command things into being, speak mysteries, the impossible becoming possible and having a great expectation for the future.

Pastor Daniel shared a testimony about the power of the tongue. He spoke of how in his youth, he dreamt of being an accountant and how it became a reality when an uncle sponsored his education when he had no hope of furthering his education.

You carry something of great value so do not belittle yourself. You have the power to speak prophetically so speak positively and remember you are a highly valued person. God bless you.

[Written by the Excerpt Crew of the Editorial Committee]

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