Revival Week (Day 2) – “Fire Shut Up In My Bones” by Pastor Shadrack Arnan


He is the resident pastor at Kotei Worship Center and an alumnus of University of Cape Coast. He began his powerful sermon by highlighting the extent to which Jeremiah felt defeated in Jeremiah 20:7-9. He was unceasingly mocked by the people because he was speaking the mind of GOD which probably went against their ways of living.

According to pastor Arnan, mockery, ridicule, and reproach are conventional attacks that confronts Christians. They are very difficult to wriggle out but a believer must learn to ignore them. Jeremiah on the other hand was imprisoned by the chief priest Pashur on the grounds of his utterances, which did not favor him (Jeremiah 20:1-2).  Moreover when the people declined to listen Jeremiah, it caused his disappointment in God.

Pastor Arnan also recalled an encounter he experienced during a crusade in his Alma Mata. A dead one year old girl was brought before him together with his team of young faithful’s. The neonate died out of convulsion. In the end their prayers failed to materialize and this took place rightly after a prophesy predicting that they can also raise the dead and not only heal the sick. The team were all downtrodden, and he personally felt really disappointed in God, because he thought God had dejected him. Per the speaker, such incidence occur to demonstrate that our God is multi-faceted.
Until Lazarus’s death, Martha only knew Jesus as the healer and not someone who raises the dead- he said. The preacher also recollected another testimony concerning a district crusade at Bole in the northern part of Ghana.  A four year old baby who has died was brought over to him , initially he begun to doubt in the resurrection power of God but when he opened his mouth to pray God did something miraculous and baby boy came back to live.

This fire is a symbol of God’s presence. It is the word in you. For God to reveal himself to, you must turn aside from the pleasures of this world. In 2 kings 13: 20-21, though Elijah had died for years, the fire that was in his bones was still hovering around his grave.

He also cautioned the church to watch out of fire extinguishers. That is people who are not committed to bible studies and prayers for they draw you away from God (2 Chronicles 7:12). When King Solomon opened the house of God fire came out of heaven though the fire had died in the tabernacle during Aaron’s time. The fire is the Holy Spirit, what you will use years to do you will use seconds when this fire is present, he said.

Peter keenly demonstrated this fire at the gate called Beautiful. Do not hide this fire in you but rather demonstrate its power. He concluded by sharing a story concerning a presiding elder and his congregation who were in travelling on a bus on a trip to a  church convention. Unfortunately they had an accident and everyone died with the exception of the driver and this elder.  The elder’s sorrow and lamentation, channeled him and into singing songs to the almighty “aggya wo tumi” and miraculously the dead came back to live to the amazement of the driver.

Feed the fire and use it to demonstrate the power of God and you.


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