Scripture Readings

Acts 10:9-16,44-48

For a person to ‘Come up higher’ – he needs to come to a place where he appreciates both the identity of the church and the believer.

When God calls us to ‘come up higher’, it comprises three things

  • Get Up – Translate revelation to restoration
  • Go up – Move revelation to restoration
  • Grow up – Move from revelation to realization

2 Samuel 11:1 – David’s Experience

David while standing on his rooftop, was standing at a place where God was showing him his future. It goes to show that for one to ‘come up Higher’, one has to get to a place of test, where one is expected not to fail.

The place of test is a place where God tests our integrity.

David succumbed to the pressure of his test, hence failed his test. He lost his first child with Bathsheba because of this.

Just as every student needs to write a test to gain promotion to the next level, every one who wants to ‘come up higher’ must be willing to be tested, since the next level is protected by tests.

1 Samuel 9:19-26 – Saul’s Experience

Samuel took Saul higher in order to communicate with him the prophetic word of God.

The call to ‘come up higher’ is a call to prophetic communication. Heeding to this call leads to the fulfilment of God’s prophetic word in your life. God then expects each child of His to live his or her life daily on the rooftop

As the signs of the fulfilment of God’s prophetic word, Saul was ushered into new experiences when he departed from Samuel.

Joshua 2 – Rahab’s Experience

Rahab noticed a new season coming her way when she encountered – probably for the first time – two men who hadn’t come to her abode to lie with her.

It was also the first mention of her taking two men to her rooftop, i.e they went up higher.

It was in this experience that Rahab was released into her destiny, where she entered the lineage of Jesus, the Messiah.

When God calls you to come up higher, he reshapes your destiny.

Acts 10 – Peter’s Experience

After Peter’s rooftop experience, Peter was sent to commission the gentile church.

Peter being a Jew couldn’t bring himself to accept and minister to the gentiles.

This was manifest with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit while Peter spoke.

It wasn’t by Peter’s choice, but people were astonished because it was the work of God.

Coming up higher then means coming to a place of acceptance, new birth and revelation.

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