Revival Day 2 – “Beauty for Ashes” BY Pastor Ebenezer Agyapong

Pastor Ebenezer Agyapong
Main Scriptures
Isaiah 61.1-3 
Hebrews 8.7
Jeremiah  31.31

“We will like to take the Old Covenant as Ashes and the New Covenant as Beauty” was the open statement.

The old covenant had Moses as it’s mediator and the new covenant having Christ Jesus as the mediator. In the old covenant, God was giving them laws to follow through Moses. In the course of time, the more laws God gave, the more the people of Israel sinned.

With the old covenant;

  1. the people were required to live outside in: The law was outside them and as such they were required to use the laws to develop a contrite heart.
  2. Only few people (priest and prophets) had direct access to God. The people thus felt some monopoly in the relationship between them and God and that made them rebel.

In Heb 8:7 and Jer 31:31, God finds the reason for their inability live as He wants and solves the problem by

  1. Writing His laws in the hearts and minds of the people.
  2. Making all the people know Him,God, by themselves.

He further admonished the church that the indwelling of the Spirit of God takes away our old heart of stone and replaces it with the heart of flesh. It is only through this that the judgement and curses prophesied by the prophets doesn’t affect to us.

God has solved our degenerate nature through Christ Jesus and we thus have to accept it by faith and walk in that faith.

He therefore admonished the church that being born again is very relevant but living right as a born again is something we can’t excel in our Christian life without. By not living right;

  1. We are denying our new nature in Christ Jesus.
  2. We give place to the devil to affect our life.
  3. We give a wrong testimony of our faith.
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