Revival Day 1 – “Beauty for Ashes” BY Elder Jedidiah Appiah

Wednesday 31st December, being the first mid-week service for the 2016/2017 academic and spiritual year, there was an opening address given by the President, Mr. Edward Nketsia. He then officially welcomed the church back from the long vacation and introduced the speaker after throwing light on the personal impact he’s had on him.

Elder Jedidiah Appiah

The evening being the first day of our revival the church was honored to be ministered unto by Elder Jedidiah Appiah, an alumni and the current President for PENSA-KATH.

Main Scriptures
Isaiah 61:1-3,
Isaiah 49:6 and

From the first two chapters of Isaiah, he stressed on the prevalence of sin and how it has robbed man of the goodness of life (physical and spiritual).

He prayed for the church that sin would not rob us of the beauty prepared for us. He then encouraged us as believers that, the perfection of love was exhibited by God even when he was despised and so whenever we go through challenges let’s remember that love of God endures forever.

After this he emphasized that as believers who should detest sin, we are to mourn.

He said, “It is time to mourn because we stand in a place where we are encompassed in sin and its consequences”.

He further described the mourners of Isaiah’s days as those who had seen and gone through the sufferings of Israel before, during and after the exile in Babylon and is downcast but has remained faithful to the Lord. Most of his scriptural references came from the book of Isaiah.

To conclude, he spoke of the blessing God has for those who mourn. (Matthew 5:4)

The mourners of our days are supposed to crave for the spirit and not wallow in sin as some are doing. He admonished the church to abstain from sin and count on the comforter who is the Holy Spirit.

Revelation: The blessing of God to us is to have dominion of the earth and multiply but man through Adam lost that blessing during the fall. But God in changing the name of Abram to Abraham and that of Sarai to Sarah birthed them anew as spiritual beings (though still in the flesh) capable of inheriting the previous blessings to Adam. Thus through Christ Jesus, we have also attained the new birth which has made us, the descendants of Abraham, able to inherit the promises to Adam.

He ended his ministration by leading the church through prayers seeking the Holy Spirit because he stressed on the fact that our dominion mandate is only available to children of the spirit.

Altogether, we thank God for bringing as back to fellowship with Him. All Praise and Glory be to Him.


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