Prayers by Mr. Phinehas Yomaah

Pensa Knust - Prayer Week

Just like every other Wednesday, today’s service was a powerful one but in a different dimension as dictated by the Spirit of God. It was purely a time with God through efficient prayers and supplications unto the Almighty.

As such, unlike any normal service where there is a sermon, the minister for the day, Mr. Phinehas Yomaah was led by God to take the church through a moment of prayer instead.

It all began with an introduction by the vice president who also led the congregation through a short time of prayer to usher in the minister. Upon mounting the podium, the minister raised the song, “Holy Ghost do it again; do it again in my life. Open my eyes to see Jesus seated upon the throne” which the whole congregation joined in to sing heartily.

He then declared to the congregation that he was in not for a word ministration but a prayer time. Following from that, he moved the church into a mood of prayer with a vision he had been given by God. Describing the vision, and pointing to the door, he spoke about an entrance that God showed him. The interpretation related to us been watchmen over our own lives and the circumstances surrounding us.

As a buttress point, he recalled a statement in a sermon by the president at Komfo Anokye saying, “The problem is not with God, but us.” The title of that message was “The Mystery of Abiding.” After this, the whole congregation burst out into the first round of heartfelt prayers.

Cutting in, he asked that everyone one speak in the language of the Spirit but was quick to remember those without that enablement of the Spirit. That said, he quoted a scripture from Mark 16:17 which says that, “…these signs will follow them that believe…” So, everyone who could not speak in tongues was called to the front to be ministered to with the help of some executives.

“Let the dew of heaven bring us refreshing, and show us your glory once more,” was the song leading to the next prayer topic. He reminded the church of how God deals with us as individuals but takes delight in our synergy. By the directive of God, he asked everyone to hold hands for that section of the ‘prayerthon.’

After that was a time for everyone to make their individual supplications unto God. This was followed by a prayer for peace for the nation Ghana and then, a passionate prayer for the lost souls. He stated how unconcerned Christians of this generation have been about souls.

“With wisdom we build and with understanding we establish.” With this, the church asked God to grant the new executives wisdom and understanding. Following was another prayer for the outgoing executives for them to move onto higher heights after passing on the baton of leadership.

Wrapping up was with a song of worship, after which the president summarized the whole prayer section unto God. In doing that, he included a prayer for the minister of God to be anointed with the oil of gladness.

Typically, before the announcements by Priscilla the secretary, she admonished the church strongly about the Christian race. A key statement she mentioned was how the world is becoming churchy but the church becoming worldly.

This was followed by a summary of the performance of the first year students in PENSA and an acknowledgement to the outstanding ones. This switched the atmosphere in the whole ‘chapel’ to that of bliss.

The service ended as usual with a closing prayer and benediction to which the whole congregation responded, “AMEN!” at exactly 8:31pm.

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