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Prayer force!…………………….Revival through prayers.
Prayer force!…………………….The powerhouse.

Prayer force committee is a wonderful family not meant for prayer gurus alone neither is it a “deodorant for MEN ONLY”; once the desire and burden to pray is there, you are welcome. Since those who join are taught how to pray, they learn about issues such as spiritual warfare, spiritual gifts, the art of hearing from God and more importantly how to consistently live a victorious Christian life.

The Group, PENSA-KNUST, started as a prayer meeting hence prayer force committee began with the Group. With reference to the 2009/2010 spiritual and academic year, the committee had a total registered membership of about 180 students with an active membership of 150 students and average attendance to committee meetings between 80 to 125. Within the committee is the sub-executive committee comprising of the prayer secretary, the two assistants, the deliverance team leader, secretary, organiser/publicity head, welfare chairperson and representatives of all the various halls with two off-campus representatives. A selected few from the committee form the deliverance team of the Group.

 At times, we have hideouts, prayer walk, tarry nights, marathon prayers and others as and when we are informed. We give out seminar notes in the form of tracts to help enhance members Bible study life, encourage them to cultivate the attitude of prayer and intercession and also inform members on pertinent issues.

Personally as the Prayer Secretary, it is my prayer that by the time I leave office, these visions should have been realised in God’s church:

+ Raising intercessors who intercede solely because the love of God constrains them. (2Cor.5:14)

+ That the church of God will be a praying church

+ That the church of God will be spirit conscious and holy. (1Pet 1:13-15)

+ Restore reverence of God in the church

+ Identifying and harnessing the various ministerial and spiritual gifts of members

+ Raising Evangelism minded intercessors

+ Raising up women who understand intercession and are ready to intercede

+ The dead church (Brokenness, dead to the flesh but alive in the spirit, obedient and yielding)

+ Enhance fellowship among members