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“Practicalizing The Christian Walk”

There are many who claim to be Christian, but it seems they have only become so by climbing through the window. For to accept the gift of eternal life without dealing with the issue of sin is to enter God’s house as a thief.

Like Israel leaving Egypt, they joyfully accept his promise, but when it comes to obeying His commandments, they preferred to make God into an idol that they could control.

“Christians” often make God in their own image whenever the God of the Bible conflicts with their chosen lifestyle. Though they agree with some parts of the Bible, they reject or ignore other parts.

Obedience and submission never really become an issue until our own desires conflict with the desires of the one we claim to be submitting ourselves to.

Below are questions to the topic above and the answers can also be downloaded…

1. Is it good to have self-confidence? If yes, isn’t it good for us to have confidence in the Lord, rather than our own selves?

2. You are in a relationship with a lady on campus and the lady goes home to meet a prophet who tells her about her future husband with some descriptions which comes out not to be you. How do we handle this?

3. Why do some leaders cover their social lives with spirituality?

4. You are a Christian leader and you are not ready to enter into a relationship. But as a gentleman, ladies have been proposing to you. How do you handle it since it can affect attendance to meetings?

5. What answer do you give to a person when they ask: “Are you religious?

6. In case there is a robbery attack in your house and two conditions are set before you to
Choose one:
a. Acceptance to have sex and live.
b. Refusal to have sex and die.
What should I do?

7. You learnt and prayed together with a friend and do most of your things together. But at the examination, you were able to answer all the 10 questions and found out that your friend could not answer any of them. What do you do, in case your friend asks you for help in the examination hall?

8. You went to visit a friend not knowing that she has plotted in her mind to have sex with you. As soon as you enter her room, she locks the door and gives you two options:
a. Have sex with her and go freely.
b. Don’t have sex with her and she will shout that you have raped her.
What do you do?


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  • Answers By Dcns. Cecilia Buabeng [download]