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6 AM, 9/12/2016, Charles Kusi: ⁠⁠⁠We will like to apologise for the long wait but we trust God that it is going to be worth it because we present to you this week one faithful gentleman who is endowed with heavenly beauty. Be blessed as you get to know more about him.

PC:Hello, please this the personality crew and we are glad to have you here today. Can you please introduce yourself to the church.

PERSONALITY: My name is very simple and cannot be forgotten. It is Yaw Sam. I come from Sefwi Attronsu in the Western region but I was born in Kasoa. My dad is Mr. Kwame Sam and my mum is Mrs. Elizabeth Addei. I am the 2nd born out of 5 of which 3 are girls.

PC: And kindly trace us through the root of your academic background starting from where you started schooling and where you are now (telling us the portfolios you held through this journey too).  

PERSONALITY: I started schooling at Ave Maria School in Dansoman where I attended school till I got to JHS 1 where I had to leave because we left our place of residence to a new place. I then completed JHS at Rising Sun Montessori School at New Bortianor. By God’s grace I got admitted to St. Augustine’s College in Cape Coast where I studied General Science. In Augusco, I became the Vice-President of the Drama, Debaters and Writers Club as well as the Drama President for the Protestant Fellowship.

PC: What at all drew you to KNUST?

PERSONALITY: I chose KNUST because I wanted to explore this nation. I attended my primary and JHS in Accra and had my high school education in Central region and so the next stop was Kumasi and it had to be KNUST.

PC: Please are you in any committee?

PERSONALITY: Yes please. I’m in the Editorial Committee.

PC: Kindly allow us bother you by asking why editorial committee?

PERSONALITY: Okay, as I stated earlier, I was the Vice-President for the Drama, Debaters and Writers Club because of my passion for writing and acting. I then decided to use that passco to help the Kingdom of God by joining the editorial committee.

PC: How inspiring has life here been and have all your expectations been met regarding your program of study?

PERSONALITY: With the help of great people I have met, I have been inspired in many ways to even inspire others. I had people like Overs. Abigail Akoto Adjei, Isaac Osei and Pepertual Yanney to shape my life really well and I say God bless them so much. Concerning my program of study, I would say my expectations have not really been met but I am hoping it would get better as time goes on.

PC: Please we would like to know if you’re born again and what circumstance led to that? 

PERSONALITY: Yes, I am born again. I received Christ when I was in SHS. It was actually a senior who spoke to me continuously and cautiously. I then realized I had to be really serious with the things of God. I would like to say God bless him wherever he is for his labor of love towards me.

PC: Before we come to PENSA can you briefly tell us of your vision and mission as an individual?

PERSONALITY: My vision and mission as an individual is to fulfill my God-given purpose on earth and to make an impact wherever I find myself.

PC: Drawing you back a little is there any lesson you’ve learnt from your childhood that has sprouted you towards this heights?

PERSONALITY: There are a lot of lessons I have learnt but one that keeps me going is that I am encouraged never to give up. That’s one thing my parents thought me from childhood and it has really shaped my life.

PC: Now to a question we know you have been looking out for, please describe PENSA.

PERSONALITY: PENSA is the best place to be. I actually did not expect it to be what it is now and so I can proudly say that the expectations I had for PENSA has been over met. I would like to add that PENSA is more than a home. It’s a place you get to know great people who would care for you and always be there for you.

PC: Has there been any inconsistency in your Christian life?

PERSONALITY: Yes there has. But those things do not pull me back. I simply pray to God and I am free. These are ways the devil uses against Christians by making them feel guilty. I do not allow that.

PC: Can you share with us your favorite bible character?

PERSONALITY: Yes. Apostle Paul. He’s a kind of person who really does not give up. He sees persecutions as pathway for him to get stronger in Christ. This encourages me all the time to push harder.

PC: What about your favorite bible verse?

PERSONALITY: Ephesians 4:13-“Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.”

PC: Have there been any regret in life?

PERSONALITY: I actually regret not encountering certain people earlier because of the way they have impacted my life now, but all the same, God knows best.

PC: Do you have a hobby?

PERSONALITY: Yes I actually have hobbies but I’ll mention a few. I like reading and listening to selective gospel music.

PC:  Any testimony to share with the church?

PERSONALITY: My life has been a testimony because I have had a lot of challenges while growing up. I have had people discouraging me in life with whatever I want to pursue. Everywhere I go, people try to call me names and discourage me and that made me feel very bad. But when I encountered Jesus, these things I do not take heed to them, they rather motivate me to work harder. That is what Jesus can do to transform your life. I encourage us all to get to know Christ; in Him is peace and joy.

PC: Do you enjoy watching sports?

PERSONALITY: Yes I do. I like watching soccer and even playing.

PC: What advice do you have for the membership of PENSA?

PERSONALITY: My advice is that lets all stand firm in Christ so that when the time comes, we shall receive the greater glory.

PC: What do you like to see changed in PENSA-KNUST?

PERSONALITY: PENSA should get involved in vibrant evangelism in our Senior High Schools so that they would not depart from the things of God when they enter the university.

PC: Your prayer request?

PERSONALITY: I want the church to pray for those who are lost, that they would come to the saving knowledge of Christ

Bless you!