PERSONALITY – Yaw Awuku Laibie
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Mr. Laibie
Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a humble gentleman from the Editorial committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to share with us.
PC: Please can you tell us something brief about yourself?

Personality: My name is Yaw Awuku Laibie, a final year BSC Biological science student. I’m the last born of three children and a brother to two gentlemen. I attended Calvary International for my primary and JHS education then I was admitted into Accra Academy popularly known as “ACCRA ACA” for my senior  high education which I studied General science. I’m currently staying in Accra but on campus I’m in room 214 No Weapon.

PC: How was life back in High school?

Personality: Hmmmmm! I lived a solemn and humble lifestyle back in SHS, I am that type of person who likes to avoid trouble. A lot of people have negative perception about my school that we are rude but I prove contrary.

PC: Were you having any nickname back in school?

Personality: I took a nickname from my elder brother. He was called “Pasty” meaning a pastor. So l loved the name and I took it upon myself.

PC: Mr Yaw why KNUST?

Personality: Initially I didn’t want to come to KNUST but eventually I found myself here. Even though I did not want to come to KNUST but I fully lived my life here so I don’t think I have any regrets coming here.

PC: Please are you in any committee?

Personality: Please yes. I’m in Editorial committee?

PC: Kindly allow us bother you by asking why editorial committee?

Personality: Okay, back in JHS I had the passion for reading  and writing articles and I continued to SHS then finally when I got KNUST, I found out that there is committee that deals in writing and editing so I unhesitant in  joining them to help the in the kingdom God.

PC: What can say about this year’s theme and focus, “Excelling in the knowledge of Him” and “Growing into Christ”?

Personality: In fact I was very happy when this theme was unveiled. As a Christians, we should desire to be like Christ, by knowing more of Him and Excelling in all aspects of His knowledge. We achieve this feast by studying the word, praying and practicing the word we have studied.

PC: Has the theme really impacted you?

Personality: Oh Yes. It has really impacted me. I can now study my bible very well and practice what I learn too as well.

PC: Please are u born again Christian?

Personality: Yes please, I gave my life to Christ back in high school.  A program was organized in my school then the message that was preached really touched me so I surrendered all I had to Christ.

PC: Had there been any transformation after giving your life to Christ?

Personality: Yeah, a whole lot. Initially when I hadn’t given my life to Christ, I hardly endured in any situation I found myself but now, I have learnt to endure in all circumstances.

PC: Please do you have any walk word?

Personality: I actually had this from my High school “to be is better than to seem to be” meaning as human being you don’t have to pretend but rather be who you are because you have something which is unique from others.

PC: You are in your final semester now, what are your plans after school?

Personality: Obviously I have to serve the nation, then after I will enter into a legal business then school as well.

PC: Has there been any inconsistency in your Christian life?

Personality: Yeah but when such things happen I go back to my God and ask for grace and inner enablement to sail through such storms. I also read my bible to get back on track.

PC: Can you please share with us your favourite bible character?

Personality: Apostle Paul. I like the zeal of Paul towards the work of God and the fact that God chose him this in effect tells us that no matter who you are, God can still use.

PC: What about your favourite bible verse?

Personality: Philippians 3:10. I like this verse because, I want to really know who Christ is just as Paul did.

PC: What is your Vision in life?

Personality: I want my life to inspire people no matter where I find myself.

PC: Have there been any regret in life?

Personality: Yeah, sometimes I feel I should have started earlier both spiritual and academics but all the same I thank God for where I am now.

PC: Do you have any hobby?

Personality: I enjoy reading and listening to classical music.

PC: Any testimony to share with the church?

Personality: I quite remember when I was second year, I missed three lectures of the same lecturer. And we all know that one of the rule of the school is that, if any student misses lecture for three times, he or she will trail that particular paper. This incident happened to me but I had a genuine reason but the lecturer told me he will trail me but I prayed to God that he should have His way. So in the day of the examinations, whilst we were writing his paper, he came in and took my paper and another lady, this left me in a dilemma whether to leave the examination room or still sit down but eventually I remain seated for about an hour time. The lady whom the lecturer took her paper with mine had a letter from the Academic tutor indicating she had actually took a permission for her absence but the lecturer said he wouldn’t agree, so the head of department had to come in and plead on our behalf before he allowed us. Even with that he said he was not going to mark our papers. So after writing the papers I went to thank him and he said I shouldn’t repeat that again and I prayed to God that He should see me through. So when we came the following semester I had passed that paper all to the glory of God. I want to encourage my fellow Christian that they should have faith in Christ.

PC: Do you enjoy any sporting activities?

Personality: I enjoy watching and playing football and also watching basketball

PC: Please your grabbing status?

Personality: Oh okay I’m single.

PC: What is your take on Christianity and grabbing?

Personality: I believe it’s not a sin but it should be moral. They should not do what marry couples do but they wait until they have married.

PC: Even though you have not grabbed nor married. What are some of the qualities you would like to see in your future spouse?

Personality: Well, humility is the key, God fearing and also she should understand me as well and finally a virtuous woman of course.

PC: Most people have different perception about you with regards to your behaviour. So use this platform to tell the people who exactly you are ?

Personality: Hmmm! l like smiling a lot, very quiet and also calm. I also like to help people in any manner. I also hate people who judge others from a far

PC: What advised do you have for the membership of PENSA.?

Personality: My advice is that whatever you are given to do or perform, please do it diligently.

PC: What do you like to see changed in PENSA-KNUST?

Personality: There should be more evangelism in the high schools.

PC: Your prayer request?

Personality: I want the church to pray for the members of the church that all the message that are preached in the church we shouldn’t forget them and live with them And finally God should provide us with our heart desires. Amen.

PC: Mr Yaw thank you for speaking to us.

Personality: You are welcome.