PERSONALITY – Rita Koryo Ngmertey
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Rita Koryo Ngmertey

Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a lovely pearl from the Ushering Committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what she has to share with us.

P.C: Can you tell us about yourself?

Personality: My name is Rita Koryo Ngmertey .A final year student reading statistics. I’m a Krobo from Krobo Edumase in the Eastern Region of Ghana. I stay at Tema; Golf city, I’m the second born of four children. I had my basic education at Leonardo basic school and had my secondary education at Ofori Panin Senior High to offer Business, option 1. I reside at Shepherdsville hostel, room 402. You can contact me on 0541780641 or 0501373971.

P.C: How was life back in S.H.S?

Personality: life back in high school was very cool. It wasn’t too difficult for me since I was a humble nature.

P.C: Do you have any nickname?

Personality: No

P.C: What can you say about KNUST with respect to your program of study?

Personality: Bsc. Statistics is a new program introduced in KNUST. My year group is the second batch so we do not have a department on our own yet I can say that the university is doing well. There are more to be done in the area of lecturing, I wish KNUST can come out with different method of lecturing for the students to get more understanding of what they are been taught which will go a long way to help in the development of the students’ potentials. I chose KNUST because I wanted a change of environment and my sister also convinced me.

PC: What do you have say about PENSA KNUST?

Personality: PENSA KNUST is a big family that when you don’t join a committee you will feel rejected.:

P.C: Do you have any favorite Bible character?

Personality: Job

P.C: Have there been any in consistency in your life and how do you remedy it?

Personality: Yes. I know that we all have weakness and our God, being a faithful and merciful God is willing to forgive us our sins if we truly repent. When I sway my way, I go to the bible, I pray and also talk to people.

P.C: Are you born again and what was the circumstance?

Personality: Yes. I became born again on the day I accepted Jesus Christ because the Bible makes me understand that if you are in Christ, you are a new creation so He doesn’t use your old sins against you. So I don’t have a past, I have the present and the future. Though I was born into the church but I wasn’t that strong and grounded so I saw it necessary to know God more. That was why I gave my life to Christ.

P.C: Have there been any transformation after you gave your life to Christ?

Personality: I used to love hip-pop music but after I came to Christ and got to know Him more, my life changed. I have become more focus on spirit-building.

P.C: What is your mission and vision in life?

Personality: I want to be an inspiration to young females. I try to challenge the males especially in the area where most females fear to be there with the males, I try to find my way there.

P.C: What are your plans after school?

Personality: Definitely national service, then maybe pursue a professional course or master’s degree and marry.

P.C: What is your hobby?

Personality: Movies.

P.C: Which of the sports activities do you prefer?

Personality: I don’t really do sports but I think football is seemingly fine by me.

P.C: Who inspires you?

Personality: The Bible.

P.C: Do you have any testimony you would like to share?

Personality: Since I’m on campus, I would like to share a testimony about my academics. First year wasn’t a good year to me, though I started with upper but second year I dropped. I was appointed the off campus worker in second year so I thought this could cause the grace of God to be upon my life in order for me to grow my average but it did not happen. I went for “cover my back” yet I was still reducing. By the grace of God, I was able to increase in third year first semester so I decided not to take up any leadership role in order to focus on my studies. But in third year second semester, I had a letter to be an assistant off campus overseer. Actually I didn’t want to take up any position again after serving as an assistant usher head and area shepherd. Since I became the assistant off campus overseer, I have been increasing.

P.C: Do you support the saying that “once you are saved, forever saved”?

Personality: NO. I believe that there are more works to be done after you have been saved because the bible admonishes us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. The first part of salvation is done, it’s left with the second part to be done which is the progressive salvation and the last part will be when Christ appears to make everything perfect.

P.C: What change would you like to see in PENSA?

Personality: I would like to see change in leadership. I wish to see more ladies in the executive as compared to the current female executives. I would be happy if the church could introduce certain social activities during some occasions such as “valentine’s day” and other public holidays to entertain the members and to keep them safe on campus.

P.C: What was your happiest moment campus?

Personality: Wow!  That was when my average increased for the first time in third year

P.C: What was your saddest moment on campus?

Personality: Well it was when I was expecting an increase in my average but I decreased.

P.C: Can you use this platform to tell people who you are?

Personality: I am friendly, I like to make friends but I’m very shy so it’s difficult to approach people. I also cherish my friends and try not to hide something from them.

P.C: Have you been grabbed?

Personality: Yeah.

P.C: What the qualities you would like to see in your future husband?

Personality: Someone who is serious about his Christian life, someone who is consistent on his decision, caring, humble and a selfless person.

P.C: What do you think about grabbing in the church?

Personality: I think it’s not bad to date in the church but there should be some guidelines. As young as we are sometimes when we are given the freedom, things that we will do wouldn’t be of glory to God.

P.C: What is your take on Christianity and fashion?

Personality: Well fashion is not bad, it just has to be decent but I think there are more to be than. I think the level of maturity counts because if you are maturing, you will definitely add decency to your fashion. Also our focus for the year talks about growing into Christ so if you are growing to be like Christ, your dressing will be decent.

P.C: What is your advice to the youth?

Personality: My advice to the youth is that there focus should be on the “after life” so that it can motivate their future because if they have the consciousness that this world will definitely come to an end, and there is another life after death which is more important.

P.C: What is your prayer request?

Personality: The church should remember all final years in prayers, telling God to grant us favour to come up with ideas to establish our own firms and in the acquisition of employment as we are going out.