PERSONALITY – Prince Asare Senior
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Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a wonderful gentleman from Music and Drama Committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to share with us.

P.C: Can you tell us about yourself?

Personality: My name is Prince Asare Senior, I’m a triplet. I have one brother at Legon and a sister. I come from Winneba but I stay at Kasoa. I had my basic education at A.M.E. Zion, Kasoa and my secondary education at Swedru School of Business. I reside at Ford Hostel, room 8. I’m a third year student reading Bsc. Statistics.

P.C: How was life back in S.H.S?

Personality: S.H.S was a very nice place and entertaining. The guys I met there were the friendly type and they always create fun. One thing I learnt from my S.H.S life is that I was able to work on myself, specifically work on my abilities, confidence and my gifts. It was in S.H.S that I built my confidence and was able to stand before crowd. I can say that I developed most of my capabilities during S.H.S life. I was the president of a music group called “Shining Stars International Group”, PENSA secretary, an organizer of a Christian group called “Pacesetters”, and the instrumentalist head for the students’ chaplaincy.

P.C: Do you have any nickname?

Personality: My friends used to call me “shadow” back in S.H.S but I didn’t know how the name came about. They didn’t have any reason for calling me that name. I tried my best to put an end to that nickname but it yielded no results; the more I tried stopping them, the more they kept using that name so I finally gave up. It got to a time that my real name nearly got lost because all the people knew me to be “shadow” and not Prince.

P.C: How were you able to combine your academic work with your positions?

Personality: Personally, I don’t have any problem with studies. If I don’t do well in exams then it means I did not study because the few minutes I will spend on my books will be very effective. Though I didn’t had much time to study at S.H.S but the little time I had, I used it effectively.

P.C: Why did you choose KNUST?

Personality: I intentionally bought only KNUST admission forms because I liked this institution for its discipline and its ability to inculcate it into its students also. A friend of my also gave a good testimony of their work and this settled my resolution.

P.C: Did you have any expectation before coming to this school and how well has these expectations being met?

Personality: Before I came to KNUST, I perceived the school to be like other foreign universities just like Harvard University and the rest but when I came, I saw that it was a normal place just yet I don’t regret coming to this place because KNUST has taught me how to submit an assignment on time and how to go for lectures early. I chose statistics because I like calculations and our lecturers have taught us a lot. Sometimes when I compare what I have been taught with my friends form other universities, I get to know that we learn a lot and we are a little ahead of them.

P.C: Coming home to our own, how do you see PENSA?

Personality: PENSA is a family, a denomination and an organization where if you open up you will learn a lot of things. People do not open up so they do not experience the good things in PENSA. I see PENSA as a wonderful family especially the various committees.

P.C: Talking about committees why Music and Drama Committee?

Personality: I chose music and drama because I like songs and I can also sing. When I came to campus, I was looking for what I can use my gifts for so I went to the Bible study. But whenever I hear the music and drama committee singing, I wished to be there so I decided to combine the two yet it was not compatible so I finally join music and drama.

P.C: Can you talk of your favourite musician?

Personality: Don Moen, I started showing interest in this man when I was growing up. I really like his songs, they are simple but carry a great message backed with power.

P.C: What can you say about PENSA’s theme and focus for this academic year?

Personality: I think that the theme came at the right time to the right people. I believe that once we become Christians, God expects us to grow. When you become a Christian, you are like a baby and you need to grow because babies are less useful to humanity but when you grow, you master potential to exercise and demonstrate your nature. I believe that in this time, God wants us to grow in His knowledge because the amount of knowledge you have determines who you are, your sacrifice, how you involve yourself in the things of God. This theme is timely, in this particular time when media is pulling us from God and taking our time. God wants us to excel His knowledge so that we will not be moved and tossed by the winds of the media.

P.C: How has the theme affected your life?

Personality: After the theme and focus was unveiled, I decided that I will personally read more scriptures than what I used to read. At first I will read only a chapter in the Bible and I’m okay but now I try to read more to know what the writer is saying and why he said that because you can’t be quoting a scripture anyhow whilst you do not know what it is about. It has really helped me, I have longed to understand the scripture through the fueling of this great Theme and I want to catch the vision as well.

P.C: Do you have any favourite Bible character?

Personality: My favourite bible character is Moses. I like Moses so much; when God called him, he saw himself as incompetent and that he can’t lead the Israelite because he was a shepherd. When God transformed him he led a nation and he did he work diligently. Even when God wanted to punish the people he pleaded for them and even offered to lay his life down with when God planned to establish His people with him. Very few actions can depict a great leader than this.

P.C: What is your favourite Bible Verse?

Personality: Ephesians 6:7-8 “with good will doing service as unto God and not unto man knowing that whatever good thing you do the Lord will reward for that”. The reason why I like that verse is that it always put me on my toes that I shouldn’t do things to please men because whatever good thing I do I will receive a blessing from God.

P.C: Have there been any in consistency in your life and how do you remedy it?

Personality: Yes. I do experience it in my life, sometimes you will be very hot and another time you grow cold. Inconsistency mostly occur as you grow in Christ since there are different stages in Christian growth. At one stage it is very tough but at another stage you are able to sustain. Discipline is the best remedy for inconsistency; the more discipline you are, the more consistent you become. What I have decide to do is to be discipline when it comes to my Christian life.

P.C: Are you born again and what was the circumstance?

Personality: I’m born again. I was born into the church so when I was growing I taught I was born again but I came across a scripture which says “if you believe with your heart and you confess with your mouth, you will be saved” then I realized that though I’m following Christ but I have not confessed my faith so I asked my mother about that and she gave me some guidelines. One evening during our normal church service the speaker ask of those who will give their life to Christ and I went but my church leaders did not understand why I did that. After gave my life to Christ, I had the assurance that I’m saved.

P.C: Has there been any transformation after you gave your life to Christ?

Personality: Yeah. I was the type that easily get angry but after accepting Christ into my life, I was able to control my anger. I believe that God through His Spirit has helped me work on my anger.

P.C: What is your mission and vision in life?

Personality: My mission is to become a man of God not necessarily a pastor but a man of God who is able to carry the God to his workplace, family and his church. What drives me to my mission is I spend more time to study the word of God and spend more time to work on my personal life, to build my education and involve myself in the work of God.

P.C: What are your plans after school?

Personality: After school, I will go and work. I want to go to the field and start something. I don’t see myself returning to the classroom anytime soon.

P.C: Do you have a walk word?

Personality: My walk word is that in life whatever good thing you want to achieve, it comes with a cost and until you pay that cost you will never get it. In all aspect of life, if you want to become a renowned person to make an impact there is a cost to pay. You have to set yourself apart, you have to burn the night candles, and you have to discipline yourself. One thing I believe is when God gives us something, He will expects us to treat it with respect and the only way we can do that is when we work for them.

P.C: What is your hobby?

Personality: Watching action movies.

P.C: Which of the sports activities do you prefer?

Personality: I prefer watching football matches to playing it though I know how to play.

P.C: Who inspires you?

Personality: My mum inspires me. She has been the pillar behind everything I’m doing now, she has groomed us. Actually, my dad is so not strong when it comes to health so my mum has been the one taking care of us. She makes sure you do our quite time before you go to school even as early as class four she would wake you up at dawn for you to pray and do your devotion. She makes sure that you share what you heard after every church service, she has taught us how to fast, pray, read the bible and how to wake up early.

P.C: Do you have any testimony you would like to share?

Personality: When I was in first year, I had this message that my dad had been admitted at the hospital because he was stroked down with stroke and according to the doctor, the level of the sickness is so intense that my dad might not survive but by the grace of God my dad came home after 3 months as a normal person with more energy and he was going to work as he used to so when he went for check, the doctor said my dad’s recovery was a miracle because when people get to that level, it is impossible for them to survive but just 3 months my dad was up again doing his worker. So when I went to the house, I was surprised, I was wondering why they said my dad was seriously ill and was admitted because I saw him to be as healthy as he was before I went to school. This is a great testimony and I thank God for the life of my dad.

P.C: What change would you like to see in PENSA?

Personality: I think we should be singing more of our English songs and now there are a lot of the translated twi song so I will entreat the music head to get those songs so that we can song them. By this we can sing both the Twi and the English so that everybody can benefit.

P.C: Have there been any happiest moment in your life?

Personality: My happiest moment was on this campus it was in my first year. My roommate and I had been starving from morning because we had no food and no money. It was a revival so when we were going we told God to provide so there was a lady friend who asked me what was wrong with my roommate because our faces were not encouraging and I told her we did not eat before coming to church and we are hungry. The lady gave us 5.00 to buy food, in fact that 5.00 was more than a million to us because we were expecting some food stuffs but we did not get them on that day so that day we danced than never before all because we have gotten money to buy food.

P.C: What was your saddest moment?

Personality: My saddest moment was when my elder sister was arrested because some money in the company where she was working was missing, an amount of GHS 10, 000.00 so the company arrested her and put her behind bars. My mum was to raise that amount within 1 months before my sister could be released. I was very sad when I heard the news because we weren’t expecting such a thing to happen to us.

P.C: Can you use this platform to tell people who you are?

Personality: I’m a lovely guy, I can flow with everyone but the thing I don’t like is people who don’t follow order.

P.C: Have you grabbed?

Personality: I have not grabbed yet.

P.C: What the qualities you would like to see in your future wife?

Personality: Someone who fears God and someone with understanding. Someone who will understand why people do certain things, someone who will understand why I do certain things.

P.C: What do you think about grabbing in the church?

Personality: Grabbing is not bad and grabbing in church is not bad at all so let me not hesitate to add that PENSA gentlemen are very romantic so the ladies should stop looking outside we will grab them in due time

P.C: What is your advice to the youths about dressing?

Personality: One thing is as far as we have the liberty to do anything does not mean they are good. There are somethings that for the sake of the weaker brethren; those that are looking up to they try to dress modestly because sometimes the way the ladies dress is very dangerous, they kill us a lot.

P.C: Your final words to PENSA?

Personality: I want to say that PENSA is a very nice family that helps people to develop their abilities so once they find themselves there, they should join a committee and make good use of their gifts.

P.C: What is your prayer request?

Personality: I would like the church to help me in prayers always.

PC: We are most grateful to have you on this program. Thank you very much and God bless you. And to our lovely readers we say a big thank you for always reading, till we come your way next week stay blessed.